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Vegan Wines - more popular than ever!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Due to popular demand, Vegan wines are becoming much more accessible and the labelling is also MUCH clearer to ensure that you know what you are buying!

According to the Vegan Wine Box, Vegan wine is exactly the same as 'normal wine'. It is made in the same way, using the same grapes and the only difference is the fining process. Vegan wine is either natural wine that has not been fined, or it has been fined using natural substances such as clay or charcoal instead of animal derived substances. There are some great Vegan wines and some bad, just as there are some great Non-Vegan wines and some bad too! It's just about your preference.


Here are some Vegan options available on the market to buy!










Whatever you buy - drink responsibly.


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