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Tom Kerridge's New Vegan Fast Food Menu For The Curious

Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge has partnered up with experienced brand developer Mark Emms to create a new vegan street food brand Bad Vegan. This revolutionary food concept will be opening in Spring 2021 at Camden Buck Street Market and will be taking over two of the shipping containers in the exciting new eco-conscious complex that opened in March 2020.

The duo will be bringing a new approach to the introduction of vegan food by launching a unique 'mostly vegan' menu aimed at those who are attempting to go vegan or have not yet tried it and are curious about the culture. The London company will not offer a fully vegan selection and will have non-vegan items on the menu too as they are targeting those with interest instead of those who are already fully committed.

With this, they hope to encourage their target audience will feel more comfortable and open to the options available which may help them take the next steps into swapping to a more plant-based diet. They have also partnered with Camden's Brewery so you can purchase a drink with your order.

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