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The Worlds First Space Hotel - Voyager Station

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

We may feel after a pandemic that we want to get as far away as possible when it comes to travelling, but I bet we didn't predict leaving earth itself would be an option. We are so far into the future than we even realised as we are now talking about the opening of the Worlds First Space Hotel!

The Orbital Assembly Corporation is the construction company behind this exciting project which will be called the Voyager Station. They are set to begin construction in 2026 and launch their first stay in 2027 which is pretty soon in the grand scheme of things. The hotel means that space travel might be not far off being a regular occurrence for the general public and not just our astronauts.

The hotel will be similar to a hotel found on earth in that you will be able to walk freely around rather than be floating, so bars, restaurants, a cinema and a gym are to be expected as normal. Although there will be some ideas and activities that will be a speciality, such as the space food served and the weightless basketball games but its main attraction will be the out of this world views from the windows.

It is currently predicted to cost around £5million for a 3 and a half day stay per person per trip, which is rather expensive and with it being the first of its kind these tickets are going to be like gold dust to get hold of but the further down the line we go following this huge step the more affordable it will be the future. The hotel will be able to have the capacity for 280 guests and 112 members of staff who will all require training before boarding and they are taking reservations already.


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