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"The Wine List"...

Updated: May 27, 2021

It really is more than just another wine subscription service!

Every now and then we come across a new business that really hits a sweet spot in terms of piquing our interest and getting us excited about being part of a community. Such a startup is

The Wine List; a wine education startup looking to level up all of those who want to learn more.

Every month, they will provide you with the learning materials and community needed to learn about wine. They will also provide you with incredible and interesting wines so that you can practice your new techniques each month.

"This is a wine subscription focused on learning"

We had the opportunity to run our quick-fire Q&A past Josh Lachkovic, the founder of The Wine List and we hope you enjoy our introduction to this wonderful new business.


The Who?

Prior to founding Wine List, Josh spent most of his career working in growth roles at startups. His first taste for a food and drink startup was Pact Coffee where he joined in 2014 prior to their Series A. From there he went into the education sector, in a digital product and comms role, before joining health-tech startup Thriva. Here, he was head of growth and first employee, and he oversaw the growth from 0 to 50,000 customers. Josh's passions have always been in food and drink. In 2018, he studied the WSET as a consumer and fell in love with wine even more. But – importantly – realised that the way the course educates isn't right for the majority of wine drinkers out there. He started a weekly newsletter called Josh's Wine List shortly after, and that summer recorded the podcast 'An Introduction to English Wine' – offering some of the first interviews with winemakers such as Ben Walgate of Tillingham, Adrian Pyke of Westwell, and Sergio Verillo of Blackbook. He founded Wine List in 2019 as a way to make learning about wine more fun. "Armed with a little bit of knowledge," he says, "you'll find pleasure in every bottle you drink." Wine List today boasts tens of thousands in its learning community and has grown exceptionally quickly from its launch in summer 2019.

The What?

Founded by Josh Lachkovic in 2019. The Wine List is the first wine box that helps you learn. It’s a wine subscription focused on learning, which extends to every bottle or glass of wine you drink. With some practice, after six-to-twelve months, one should be able to look at a restaurant wine list, or shelves in a local merchant, and have an inkling of what a bottle should taste like. Wine List believes that the best learning happens at home with friends or family, in an interactive way, but with the access to a community of other learners. Every month, members receive 2, 6 or 12 bottles of wine that you’ll never find in the supermarkets, alongside learning materials and access to a community that fosters the development of your wine knowledge.

The Why?

“When I speak to people about wine, often someone might preface what they’re about to say with “I don’t know anything about wine really, but –” Can you imagine saying the same about music before they say they like a certain artist? There is a world built up around wine in our collective psyche that makes people nervous and feel inferior. A short shop in an independent merchant can intimidate as much as it can excite. Even in today’s modern world, more shelf space is given to Bordeaux & Burgundy than any other. Price tags here quickly leap into three and even four figures. And so last year, I launched The Wine List. The Wine List is a wine education startup looking to level up all of those who want to learn more”

The How?

  • Wine box focussed on learning.

  • Our wines are always from small and independent vineyards

  • Championing lesser known grapes and regions.

The Where? Where do you see the business, and the brand, in terms of growth/expansion or product development over the next year or two?

We see ourselves running in-person events, bringing the community into Wine learning. We're also launching new products, such as our new 'By the Glass' plan, where you get three glasses of wine through your letterbox, along with a monthly wine education.

Distribution Channels?

Online... right here !!!


The kind folks over at the Wine List have offered the Lifestyle Guide community this wonderful discount opportunity for your first three boxes:

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