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The V&A's 'Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser' Exhibition

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

An exciting new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum will be arriving at the end of this month. Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser will be exploring 157 years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the various forms and ways artists and creatives imaginations were inspired to adapt the story into their own masterpieces.

The show is an immersive experience designed by Tom Piper which will delve into the extraordinary history of one of the most well-known and influential stories of modern times.

The 300 piece exhibition will be a mix of sketches, illustrations, videos, photographs and fashion all by the famous contributors over the years featuring the very first originals by Lewis Carroll to the more recent creations influenced by the fantastical Wonderland.

At the show, you can expect to see visual designs from the well known 1951 classic animation by Disney as well as some iconic costumes designed by Colleen Atwood that featured in Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation.

Opening on Saturday the 27th March 2021 in The Sainsbury Gallery, this may be your first step back into your own normality, although the exhibition promises to be far from that. The distorted wonderland will be suitable for all ages and fans and provide an insight into the different ways the story has been interpreted and reflected over the years.

Visitors can interact in workshops and forums and grow their wonder for this magically theatrical manuscript.

As well as visiting the gallery you can attend virtual events and learn more from home via the V&A website which is full of interesting stories and visuals including The Real Alice, the story of the girl in which Lewis Carroll based some of his original ideas around and the Curious Alice Virtual Reality Experience where you can experience a mind-bending virtual trip into Wonderland. Tickets are £20 and members go free if booked in advance.

Not to be missed - Book your tickets here!

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