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The Perfect Bath...

There’s not much more relaxing than having an evening of self-care and setting up the perfect bath.

There are a few key components that make the "ultimate time to unwind" in the tub and thought we'd share these with you as well as make it nice and easy for you to get some of these pamper items for yourself right here


Relaxing Candles

Dim the lights and light your candle to set a relaxing atmosphere whilst the scent of your candle fills the room.


Bubble Bath, Bombs and Salts

Adding any of these to your bath will invigorate your senses with their calming scents.


Pamper Products

Take this time to do those treatments you otherwise may not find time for day-to-day.



Place your favourite products, drink or snack on your bath rack, support your neck with a pillow and listen to your favourite music or an audiobook with your portable speaker whilst you bathe!


Post Bath

When out of the tub, finish off with...

Or something a bit warmer…


Now if unfortunately, you don't have a suitable bath in your home or you're on the move for work or play... fear not...we've got your back!

The lovely gang over at Tubble want to give away one of their portable bathtubs to one of our lucky subscribers. Tell us more we hear you say? Read on my fellow soakers...

Bathing. Anywhere.

We are in a hurry, meet deadlines and want to stay fit. We study, work hard and party late into the night. Occasionally we have to breathe, relax. And one thing is certain: the best way to end busy days is in a warm bath. With an inflatable tub from Tubble that is possible anytime and anywhere. In the bathroom. Or just on your balcony (perhaps in the summer months...)

Who are they?

Tubble is an Amsterdam-based start-up that aims to revolutionize the way bathing is done. Have you ever dreamed of taking a smooth relaxing bath but you couldn’t? 40% of people in the Netherlands (and Europe) have the exact same issue. Not having a bathtub can be difficult and could mean renovations which are time-consuming and hugely expensive. To solve that, we’ve invented the Tubble. A portable air bath that can fit anywhere, anytime. From professionals with busy minds, pregnant women or people who simply thrive for a relaxing bath, Tubble is helping thousands of consumers around the world. Additionally, the luxurious design adds a plus of style to any interior.

Customers speak for ourselves

Don’t take our word for it... Check us out!

  • On dozens of customers have given us their 5 stars reviews.

  • On our socials, the Tubble community shares moments of joy daily.


Head over to our Instagram feed to see further details on how to enter this amazing giveaway!

Now let that soak in and give yourself a treat.... you deserve it!


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