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The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You are right! It seems like an AGE away but September will be here before you know it - so plan something fun, something to look forward to!

Fever London’s Han Christian Andersen’s

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 29th June at 10:30am

Dive deep into a submersive tale of tails! Relive the centuries-old fairy-tale as you witness the human world collide with ocean life in a theatrical cocktail experience. Meet fellow seafarers on the shores of a stormy sea before diving deep down into a secret underwater cave, where you'll find walls of coral and pearls that glimmer as the water passes. Will you drink the nefarious sea witch's draught? Surrounded by stunning decor, talented actors and secrets to be uncovered, get ready to discover the mysteries hidden beneath the surface!


Each ticket allows 1 person to experience a 60 minute multi-sensory submersive cocktail experience, including 3 bespoke themed cocktails.

Pre-launch tickets are selling quickly! Find your tickets to The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience here!

Dates: Thursday-Sundays from 9th September 2021

Prices: ticket prices will start from £42


Shhh.. The Location is a secret and will be sent to you after you purchase a ticket!

Guests are encouraged (but not required) to dress up, be ready to take a ton of pictures!


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