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Our Guide To Veganuary, Where To Find The Facts & Shop The Essentials

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It’s the best way to start the year, fill your days with delicious and exciting Vegan recipes from breakfast to dinner time. Veganism is often mistaken for a type of diet but that is not the case. It’s not just veg and rabbit food, that’s a big ole myth, vegan food is packed full of flavour and there are so many options available and FYI most carbs are vegan, so it really won't be a huge sacrifice. There are plenty of treats and snacks too all giving you that guilt-free feeling.

There are so many alternatives to your regular meal time favourites that it is now easier than ever to make the switch. Take it gradually by swapping out one item at a time if the whole idea of switching altogether seems a little daunting. But if you are taking the plunge and participating in Veganuary then we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you by recommending the best places to source advice and where to buy products that are tried, tested and loved.

There are hundreds of reasons to go vegan, and if you are still not so sure, check out the many websites and social media influencers out there who are able to expertly guide you on the benefits to your health and the environment so that you can make you own decision based on facts. Follow a vegan influencer to bring some tasty content and information to your social feed or buy a new cookbook, at the end of this post you can find a few of our best recommendations to get started.


The Shopping List

For the ultimate shopping list and everything you might need, the amazing @lentilda has put together the post below so you can get stocked up ready to go for your weekly meals, with vegan cupboard, fresh, substitute and snack ideas. Save this post to your Instagram to revisit when it’s time for your shop and be sure to check out the pages daily Veganuary recipes too.


The Supermarket Shop

When it comes to the supermarket, there are some clear leaders with the best organic and vegan products but this January has seen many of the top brands adding new and interesting meals and products to their vegan ranges, such as Morrisons, Aldi, Asda and Marks & Spencers. We have always found Iceland to be one of the most accessible for Vegan and Vegetarian items with their 'No Meat' collection to store in your freezer and use whenever. We also love Planet Organic and Farm Drop which are online stores offering plenty of vegan options and ingredients for you to complete your whole shop. Here are some of our top picks that you can always find in our kitchens at home.

Browse the extensive selection from Iceland's including the 'No Meat' brand, some of our favourites are:

Or shop below at Planet Organic and Farm Drop to find everything from food to lifestyle.


Vegan Cookbooks To Buy

There are thousands of amazing vegan cookbooks with many on offer during January to help you well on your way to becoming a culinary king or queen of the kitchen. Here are just a few we have selected for first-timers, including Vegan Comfort Cooking and 15 Minute Vegan which and they are all super easy to use and follow.

1. Vegan Comfort Cooking By Melanie McDonald

2. 15 Minute Vegan By Katy Beskow

3. But I Could Never Go Vegan! By Kristy Turner

4. Leon Fast Vegan By Rebecca Seal


Recipe Boxes & Ready Meals

Haven’t got time for all that? Then you might warmly welcome a recipe box delivered to your door instead. Carefully selected ingredients to the right measurements and quantities so wastage is at an all-time low. Subscribe to these services and never have to worry about planning dinner again. Let them know your specific requirements, likes and dislikes and they will create a bespoke subscription suited to you. Just some of our favourites offering vegan recipes for you to make include, Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef and The Spicery.

Not a keen cook, get your meals delivered instead! Allplants and Balance Meals create your healthy vegan food for you all you have to do is heat and eat.


Snacks & Supplements

Delicious and wholesome snacks delivered straight through your door, Graze is the snack subscription service bringing us a whole lot of joy. They have such a big range of different treats to try and are carefully selected to suit you and your tastes.

A vegan diet can sometimes lack enough certain nutrients and vitamins as can normal diets if you are not eating enough of something. The recommended vitamins for vegans as per the NHS website are calcium, iron and vitamin B12. There are lots of varieties of supplements available from brands such as Holland & Barrett and My Vegan, who both have mega sales throughout January.



We could go on forever about vegan products but we will keep it food themed for now. So if you are going to eat vegan then why not use vegan storage for your leftovers and to keep things fresh. Bower Collective have some useful storage options, whether your meal prepping for the week or taking something out for lunch.


For the Best Advice:

We can only give you advice based on our experience but you really need to hear it from the experts. So if you are looking to find out more information on Veganism and the benefits then check out the below-recommended websites for the ultimate advice.

To Follow On Instagram:

On a final note, to help inspire and educate you, here are some of our favourite vegan accounts to follow on Instagram which will bless your feeds with some quality tasty content and recipes!


For more delicious food ideas, subscribe to The Lifestyle Guide and follow us on instagram!


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