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Earth Week, The ecoegg Laundry Eggs

To celebrate Earth Week (check out the blog) we are excited to give our readers lots of ideas to ponder over for alternative, sustainable products to make a switch and make a difference.

So here we go! Washing Your Clothes.....the sustainable way.

What is ecoegg Laundry eggs?

ecoegg is the award-winning, refillable laundry washing system that contains non-biological pellets that wash your clothes without using harmful chemicals. LOVE!

This skin-friendly, vegan-friendly and earth-friendly product uses only natural mineral-based ingredients which are kinder, safer and more friendly to our planet so it's a great way of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sound good so far? But how does it work?

Instead of using detergent and fabric conditioner you use an ecoegg!

The ecoegg is filled with beautifully fragranced (or fragrance-free, your choice) pellets.

The ecoegg goes inside the washing machine drum with your clothes but can also be used for handwashing too by soaking in water with the garments. Ecoegg makes it super easy for newbies with their Starter Kit which include the Detox Tablet, Laundry Egg (already filled), Laundry Egg for Whites and Egg Cup Holder.

Why is it better for me and the planet?


No harmful chemicals


The pellets are cheaper (from £3.99 for 50 washes) than normal detergent.


All of their packaging is recyclable. If you do 1 wash a day, by switching to the ecoegg you'd be saving approximately 40-50 plastic bottles per year if not more.

The egg itself lasts for 10 years with a guarantee. It can then be recycled too.

Be in with the chance of winning one in our eco-friendly giveaway to celebrate Earth Day. Head over to our Instagram page to enter on 22nd April!

Make the switch!


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