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The Coalescence Club - The Theatre of Cocktail Making

In lockdown 1.0, we sped up and moved into a virtual world overnight welcoming Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Houseparty and many more video conference solutions into our lives.

We may have been locked away from each other but we were determined to stay connected and there was no stopping us there. We got up to all sorts via video calls in both work and play. Important meetings were attended where we only got dressed from the waist up, keeping fluffy printed PJs and slippers on below. Birthdays were celebrated where only one person could speak at a time to avoid the chaos of not hearing a thing. We did it all, the quizzes, bingo, cook-a-longs you name it.

The Coalescence Club launched during lockdown when friends came together for their regular video chats and decided they needed to spice things up from the usual Saturday night Zoom quiz. As well as sharing their knowledge of random facts to win vital quiz points, they shared a few beverages too, leading them on to the homemaking and shaking of their own cocktails and showcasing their attempt at barman skills, bottle flips and all. Which is when they had the revelation that this is not as easy as it looks and takes preparation and a shopping list and not just a spontaneous opportunity. Whilst they had plenty of Gin to hand, their cupboards were not stocking anything else to add that could officially pass as a cocktail such as syrups, garnish or equipment.

So this is when they thought up the idea for The Coalescence Club (the joining or merging of elements to form one mass). They launched the luxury premium cocktail service that provides all your cocktail making essentials straight to your door. The cocktail shaker sets ooze class and style that they will definitely grab attention on the next video call and in the future when we begin hosting actual parties once again. As well as the equipment sets, they provide the Shake at Home kits stocking you up with everything you need to whip together world-famous cocktails. These sets consist of the liquor, mixers and recipe cards to make up 2 types of delicious cocktails from your own home.

Cocktail making is not just about the end result and the drink itself it's all in the theatrical performance involved in the making process. The mixologists you see when you are in exquisite high-end bars put on quite the spectacle and create a buzz around the experience that makes it rather magical. Which is what The Coalescence Club is all about, creating an experience and providing the equipment and props you need to take centre stage and start entertaining. The theatre of making cocktails yourselves.

We are very excited to be giving away some amazing prizes from the cocktail experts themselves. One of their fantastic Shake at Home Kits (your choice from Havana Nights / City Lights or Cloud 9) and also their Essential Cocktail Shaker Set including the Double Tin Boston Cocktail Shake, a Hawthorne Strainer and a Jigger for measuring 25ml and 50ml. Check out how to enter on our Instagram page!


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