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The Boob & Bum Mask...It's time to bring the bounce back!

Here at The Lifestyle Guide, we are already HUGE fans of Nails.Inc & Inc.Credible Cosmetics thanks to their cruelty free and as planet friendly as possible ethos, not to mention they are 100% Vegan! But now, with the release of 7 brand new products we have just fallen in ❤️LOVE❤️ all over again......there's a certain mask that caught our eye that we KNOW you will adore!

When we think Beauty Masks - we think of face masks.......WELL, have you heard about The Berry Good Pair Nourishing Boob and Bum Mask Duo? No? Well friends, keep on reading....

Harnessing the power of fruity superfoods in their latest boob and bum sheet mask duo.

They say.....

Guac And Relax with our ultra-nourishing bum sheet masks, smashed with a dose of Vitamin E, nourishing avocado oil and kale extract to moisturise the skin and promote natural collagen production.

Then, our Booberries boob masks are squeezed with refreshing antioxidants and a handful of blueberry extract to brighten and tighten your pair. The superfood-powered treatment is super hydrating, working to reduce the appearance of fine lines with a skin-friendly hit of natural zinc and iron.


Wondering what else is new? We've got you covered.....







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