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Step Up Your Picnic Game

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

We hear you! It's a bit of a blow after Bojo's announcement that we aren't allowed to run free yet......but we have come this far! What's another 4 weeks (maybe less) of doing what we have been doing for months already!

The good news....the sun has been shining, which makes everything more bearable and drags us outside to get a feeling of normality...well a little bit right?

So let's get outside and picnic people! Like we have NEVER picnicked before!


Where to go!

Escape to the great outdoors in Richmond Park with its wide open spaces, grasslands and deer herds, just a stone’s throw from central London.

The park is a top UK site for ancient trees and supports a range of rare species including fungi, birds, beetles, bats, grasses and wildflowers.

Discover the Isabella Plantation woodland gardens, refuel at Pembroke Lodge tea rooms and enjoy distant views of St Paul’s Cathedral from King Henry’s Mound.

Holland Park is the Royal Borough’s largest park (over 22.5 hectares of gardens) and is home to the beautiful Kyoto Graden donate in 1991 by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto.

Large areas of woodland abundant with wildlife surround beautiful children's play facilities, a cafe and sports areas.

Discover the world of science behind our botanical collections, with over 50,000 living plants to be found across our UNESCO World Heritage site.

One of our absolute favourites is Battersea Park. A large (200 acre) Victorian park, built between 1854 and 1870. It has a riverside promenade which is great for boat spotting, a large lake that sometimes has small boats to rent and pedalos.

A park filled with wildlife - hungry herons, large fish, exotic geese, curious squirrels, elegant swans and many notable trees and ecological areas plus children's play areas. Take a stroll around The Pump House Gallery after picking up a fantastic coffee near the sports grounds!


What to sit on!

What to eat!

What to drink!

Whatever you do, take some time and enjoy yourself. Wear sunscreen, take a hat, take a good book, eat something delicious and most of it, whether for an hour or a whole day......RELAX! We've got this.


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