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Pancake Day Inspiration For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and in between for Snacks!

Ooooh YES people! The best holiday of the year is coming up so let's all get prepping for pancake day!

The time to overindulge before the optional massive fasting cleanses of 40 days and nights, we say optional as we have decided not to participate this year because treats and snacks are the only things currently getting us through this lockdown, but if you're going for it then we are SO proud of you. (You've got this - fist bump, probably elbow bump - let's go with a head nod).

The pancake is so diverse and can be eaten throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can be completely different for each meal. Classic topping flavours include lemon & sugar, Nutella (obvs) and maple syrup & bacon, but hey we are not one to judge with how far you go overboard with your combinations AND / OR how many you eat!

Do tag us in your weird and wacky creations on Instagram @lifestyleguidenews ... and have a flipping great day!

Check out our inspiration for this year's pancakes and why not purchase one of the ready-to-go pancake kits so you are all set to go, see our suggestions at the end of the blog.


Lemon & Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes


Pancake Tacos


Maple Walnut Pancakes


American-Style Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup


Matcha Pancakes with Mascarpone, Mango & Strawberries


French Crepes


Netflix & Chill Pancakes


Zebra Pancakes with Chocolate-Nut Cream


Savoury Pancakes


Pancake Making Kits


Pancake Day Gifts & Experiences


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