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Our Favourite April Fool's Jokes!

Well, we have seen such creativity around April Fools this year that we didn't want to pass up the chance of rounding up our top faves!

If you want to find out more about how it all came about, we have equipped you with a Wiki Link

1. Pergola London

Posted about a Giant Peach Venue opening up at Battersea Power Station!

Hook, Line and Sinker - we got SOOOO excited about this one!

2. WWF UK 🌏 (@wwf_uk)

Tweeted about unicorns with spiral horns!

3. Gaucho Group

Posted about their new beef scented bubble bath!

4. Walkers

Tweeted about their NEW Easter Edition Chocolate Wotsits

5. Robinsons

Turned Wimbledon Purple!

6. Mash Direct

Tweeted about their icecream range!

7. Heinz

Posted about their new product! SMOUP!

8. Heart Radio - Breakfast

Totally managed to prank one of our faves - Amanda Holden!


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