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Our Top 10 Books Wish List

I love a good read! My phone is full of screenshots and notes of what friends and influencers have been picking up as I am always looking out for the next book and trust a good recommendation.

Although my list keeps on growing I've managed to narrow it down for you, so here are 10 exciting books that I will be buying next!


I love Fearne. She is so cool and such a lovely human. The Happy Place podcast series is thoroughly enjoyable and she has been a great role model and advocate for opening up about mental health. She is great to listen to so I think this book is going to be a read too.


I will be reading this book in the voice of Sir David just before bedtime for a soothing and relaxing unwind that I am sure will make me sleep a whole lot better. He has had an exceptional life of travel and has witnessed the most incredible experiences so I am excited to read all about them.


Bryony promotes positivity in both physical body image and mental health.

Her guide provides support and advice from someone first hand who has struggled with both and what she has learnt from it all. It sounds like it would be an essential read during lockdown.


So excited for another release form Dolly. The book 'Everything I know about love', sparked an (albeit a bit late) love for reading and is a book I recommend highly so I am keen to see what this next book holds, although my expectations have been set pretty high.


This is on my list and yes it is a picture book but I am still excited about it. It has sprung from the Instagram page @accidentallywesanderson where followers can submit images that reflect the style of the iconic film director Wes Anderson. We all love the concept so much that it's a firm favourite for our coffee table.


An ethical influencer I follow posted this book that they were reading which I think sounds very interesting and educational but also entertaining.

I am hoping it provides me with the facts and knowledge needed to successfully win arguments and debates about the environment and climate change.


Recommended by so many friends, this one is a must-read. The story follows the lives of 12 different characters in Britain and their different backgrounds, stories and journeys.

After this, I might start working through the rest of Bernardine's highly reviewed collection of books.


This book is made up of poetry with the intention of changing the stigma surrounding mental health that is experienced through the change from girl to womanhood.

I think this will be a great book to pick up and down throughout the day for little inspirational pick-me-ups.


Another guide to help with my personal sustainable journey as there is still and always will be so much more to learn.

This will advise on the little everyday changes to be made to reduce impact and live more environmentally friendly.


I want to know the behind the scenes of what it's like to be the president and who better to tell it than one of the best who's ever lived.

I think the Obama's are brilliant and this book is going to be a powerful read.


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