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NOMO! Vegan Chocolate! Now partnered with GoodiBox - LOVE!

We all get FOMO, caused by social media mainly when friends appear to be doing something way more interesting and exciting that you are not a part of. Not just social occasions can cause FOMO, we can get food-FOMO too, as we scroll through masses of Insta pics of delicious meals and snacks making us get serious cravings. Sometimes the reason you can’t enjoy or be a part of something is physical. Take allergies, for example, preventing you from enjoying sweet treats that you are desperate to try.

Chocolate is guilty of a lot of things, and many of the ingredients are not accessible to everyone, but there shouldn’t have to be a compromise on treating yourself. Chocolate experts NOMO, meaning ‘No Missing Out’ are the UK’s number one vegan chocolate brand avoiding the use of the main problematic ingredients in food production which are dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. The chocolate makers instead use safer free-from alternative plant-based products, yet have absolutely no sacrifice on delicious flavour, therefore, you won’t be missing out.

Taste is at the forefront of the NOMO brand and they believe we should celebrate great-tasting chocs. They are industry pioneers and icons in bringing you flavour-filled treats and have been working on perfecting their recipes for years. They believe everyone should be able to enjoy delicious chocolate even if you have allergies, intolerance or are vegan. Their range has been carefully created with you in mind. The different varieties are fruit & crunch, caramel & sea salt, dark chocolate, creamy choc and 'hazelnot' crunch. The magic does not stop there either, on their website you can find incredible recipes that you can make using NOMO chocolate.

NOMO have now partnered up with GoodiBox launching their first snack variety box subscription service in the UK. You can enjoy a range of different chocolate and snacks each month for a well-deserved pick-me-up delivered straight to your door. Purchase as a gift to yourself or as a surprise for someone you care about, there is guaranteed happiness included in each delivery. Be the first to try debut treats from new and upcoming brands and their latest products as well as indulging in well-known favourites such as NOMO. The boxes offer friendlier options on chocolate that are safe for consumption and will definitely keep you going, it is just up to you whether you choose to share or not.

There are different boxes so you can find the perfect match for you. They are Vegan, Posh, Kids and Family Goodibox’s. The Kids box includes nut-safe chocs and natural fruit, the Vegan and Free-From box is packed full of amazing NOMO treats, the Posh box is made up of the finest artisan chocs and the Family box will be a bit of something for everyone to share. They have managed to pack in lots of great surprises for you to try with up to 60 tasty items in each box (based on the Kids Goodibox).

Keep your cupboards stocked up with delicious treats with their simple subscription service or just buy as a one-off for a special occasion. Goodibox is flexible and allows you to repeat orders as often as you like and when you need restocking.

Don’t forget to follow NOMO and Goodibox for timeline treats and surprises!


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