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BrewDog's New Hotel

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

There is a new 'DogHouse' in town.

Beer giants BrewDog are set to open their next hotel in Summer 2021.

They currently have The DogHouse Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, The Kennels in Columbus, Ohio and The Kennels in Aberdeen, Scotland and the fourth edition will be a 25 bedroom hotel opening in Manchester this year.

Transforming a three-storey building on Fountain Street, just off the busy Market Street, The DogHouse Hotel will be an exciting new location for the brand with an already great fanbase in the city due to its two successful bars BrewDog Manchester and BrewDog Manchester Outpost.

They are going for stylish exteriors with a living feature wall planned to cover the front of the hotel and inside there will be a classic signature bar with 28 taps of fresh draft beer plus a restaurant located by the entrance.

The thing we are MOST excited about is, of course, the roof terrace which will be open all year round, with firepits and a BBQ to warm you up in the winter months. The Terrace will be urban jungle style and a great spot for locals and tourists to catch up.

The hotel will be for BrewDog lovers, with references and cool attributes in every room, such as the iconic idea that is their beer fridge, which is located in the shower in case you need to cool down with a cold beer during your hot soak. You will also have access to a record player, vinyl and guitar for your very own chill-out sessions and you will never be too far from your next beer, as there are Punk IPA pints on tap available in every room.

It was obvious there was going to be some confusion with dog lovers visiting the city looking for dog-friendly hotels, so they have gone ahead and made that a clear yes form the start, though they are yet to have dog-friendly beer available for these pub loving pooches.

Look out for further details of their opening date on their Twitter page.


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