MYMUYBUENO with Justine Murphy

Updated: May 13

If we were to celebrate "Women's Day" for just one day each year we'd honestly be doing a huge injustice to all the inspiring, talented and ambitious woman we encounter on a daily basis here at the Lifestyle Guide. So we're delighted to announce a monthly feature where we celebrate some of the UK's incredible women in business and share their stories with our community as we just know there is a lot that will inspire and resonate with you all.

This month we take the opportunity to learn more about Justine Murphy and mymuybueno with our quick-fire Q & A that takes us along her journey and gives a little insight into how Justine has created such an amazing brand through her entrepreneurial spirit!

We hope you enjoy, over to you Justine...

Justine Murphy The mymuybueno Cookbook

In her unique and inspiring book, Justine Murphy not only shares delicious recipes and valuable tips on navigating the challenges of modern life, but also her extraordinary story, giving us an incredible insight into the woman behind the successful business: mymuybueno.

Now in its eighth year, mymuybueno is a highly successful international company with seven divisions, but it is Justine’s core values and commitment to maintaining the personal touch that really makes her company stand out from the crowd. Built from the ground up, the group now includes an award-winning deli, chef and interior staffing agencies, a cookery school, concierge and lifestyle management service, bespoke events and luxuryware divisions, all with the connection between good food and good people at the very heart of them.

The Who? We're always curious to find out more about the people/entrepreneurs behind the brand - Could you give us a bit of background about yourself?

I’m Justine Murphy, 40 years old, from London. Mother to two amazing little boys. My background was hospitality and restaurant management, and I decided to follow my heart and find my happiness and went off to work on superyachts as a private chef, initially self-taught and then acquiring my Cordon Bleu training under my belt some years later. Worked with some of the worlds’ most influential people, and got to travel and see the world in an amazing way. I met my husband on a yacht we worked on, very much fell in love with Mallorca, settled there and started mymuybueno.

It was the beginning of finally having a good quality of life, after overcoming much adversity in my childhood and early adult years. I've built-up my company, returned to London last year and have very much come full circle.

The What? What is the brand all about...

The name mymuybueno sums it up, the "my" is the personal part and the British part, and the "muy bueno" is the nod to Spain where it all began, it means "very good" when eating good food. I combined them to create our unique name and trademark. Luxury food and lifestyle are what we do, all with the personal touch, and never compromising on our standards or core values.

The Why? Why did you decide to create and launch your own company...

I had a big vision for mymuybueno, as an umbrella brand, to have different companies within the group but to all be connected. To create something very special, building the foundations brick by brick, to make a company around all of the areas I know and love, have expertise and experience in, and to fill the gap in the market.

I have built the company reputation over the past nine years to what it is today, and my vision only keeps growing and evolving. The focus is good food and good people, two of the areas that very much healed me from my background which was full of an unhealthy relationship with food and bad people. My journey led me to develop my values and philosophy, which are what I live by and run mymuybueno by, and never compromise on.

The How? How have you created the brand / service / solution (& what makes you different / USPs? subscription programme & sustainability, fair trade etc etc)

Community is a huge part of mymuybueno, and I have many different communities running through what we do, both in the culinary world and also the luxury world and superyachts, this one very much being our USP.

It is also accessible at every level, from our Deli and Cookery School, and then Luxuryware ( for plates, cutlery and glassware ) - this being the middle ground as well have plates at affordable prices, but then scales right up to the top end beautiful ones which we supply to yachts, and takes it into the luxury market. Then all the other companies are the luxury end, catering for high net worth clientele, with recruitment, with three agencies, Private Chefs being the first and now very proudly the biggest private chef agency in the world, and then we have expanded to Interior and Captain placement too. Lifestyle, which is a concierge and our superyacht brokerage for the sale and charters of luxury yachts.