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MUCH NEEDED.....Hangover Cures

Tis' the season for lots of drinking which unfortunately comes with lots of hangovers. But fear not we're here to make it that tiny bit easier for you with some suggestions on how to avoid those pesky hangovers. You may have a busy day ahead and can't afford to spend the day in bed feeling sorry for yourself, you want a quick way to stop it in its tracks. We hear of some ideas that include drinking pickled gherkin juice (hmmmn....not sure), vitamin drip therapy and many others, but if you just need something simple, quick and effective keep reading.....

Hangovers leave you feeling dehydrated, sleep-deprived as well as inflammation and damage to your insides so that's what we ought to tackle the morning after.

First of all, let's go through how to prevent getting a hangover in the first place and if it's too late for that then we offer some ways to get rid of it pronto, check it out and don't forget - drink responsibly.



As per the NHS website page on hangovers, who literally have advice for you. Their top suggestion includes:

  • Not drinking on an empty stomach

  • Avoid darker coloured drinks (that contain congeners)

  • Drink a pint of water between each drink and afterwards

  • Know your limits

  • Go alcohol-free

We do know all this already but we could just all do with a friendly reminder and nudge.



If the drinking has already been done then fear not you can still feel better in no time with the following ways. There may not be an instant cure but there are ways to make yourself feel better.

  • Vitamins - Try a vitamin B complex, as the mix of the B's help brain functioning and

  • Painkillers - To help with the headaches and muscle cramps

  • Sugar - Buy a Lucozade or an alternative sports drink, it

  • Carbs - Something big in portion size and greasy will work to help soak up the alcohol still in your body

  • Sleep - Catch up on the much-needed sleep, although you would assume you would sleep quite well when drunk your mind is still very much active hence why your end up so tired the next day

  • Fluids - Drink lots of fluid to flush out the toxins and to make up from fluids lost

  • Hair of the dog - But consider whether this really is a good idea? This will only delay the hangover!

Usually, people have their go-to's like a constant stream of snacks throughout the day topped up with a few Red Ambulance's - Coca Cola (FULL FAT) and a Cadbury's Boost Bar just sayin!

What ways do you swear by that keep the hangover at bay or get rid of them quickly? Send them through and we will post them (anon if preferred).


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