London running trails to get you moving

Regular exercise will help you live longer and be happier, it's that simple!

Since lockdown a lot of us have taken to the great outdoors following virtual, weekly and monthly run challenges on our Strava and Nike Run Club apps. As major running races have been postponed or cancelled, running has been more present than ever through fundraisers such as Run for Heroes and the NHS’s Couch to 5k.

Like walking and cycling, running is a fantastic way to see areas of London from a brand new perspective and we wanted to bring you our favourite routes and trails to motivate you to get up and try on those swanky new running shoes. From picturesque riverside paths and quaint neighbourhoods to the iconic London Royal Parks, we have got you covered! No excuses, lets go champ!

1. Four Royal Parks

Start: Lancaster Gate tube

Finish: Shepherd Market (Green Park)

Distance: 8km / 4.8 miles

Route: Starting at Lancaster Gate tube, go into Hyde Park and run down past Kensington Gardens and the Round Pond. Follow along toward Green Park, Pall Mall and into St James’s Park. Loop back up and finish at Shepherd Market.

About: You’ll be running past 4 Royal Parks taking in some of the capital’s most famous landmarks - Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Horse Guards Parade, The Mall! End your run at Shepherd Market - a true hidden gem! There are also lots of options for detouring to make the route shorter or longer.

2. Putney Bridge via Barnes

Start/Finish: Putney Bridge

Distance: 10km / 6.3 miles

Route: This is a great, easy to follow along the water route starting at Putney following the Thames Path trail toward Hammersmith Bridge and looping around south toward Barnes Green and across back to Putney.

About: This path will take you through some of London’s nicest neighbourhoods! You’ll find yourself running in almost a rural like path, with stunning river views. Sport the former Harrods Furniture Depository, Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes High Street with it’s beautiful green and quaint shops.

3. The Tamsin Trail

Start/Finish: Pembroke Lodge

Distance: 15km / 9.3 miles

Route: The trail follows the Richmond Park perimeter, starting and ending at Pembroke Lodge which has a café, car park and toilets making it a great starting point for a longer run. Follow along (clockwise) around all the gated entrances!

About: Largest of the eight London Royal Parks and a must do for all runners. The route features a mix of surfaces and some hills for those looking for a more challenging track. We’ll recommend an early morning start to spot the beautiful local wildlife and enjoy a true nature experience!

4.Greenwich Park Meridian

Start/Finish: The Cutty Sark

Distance: 4km / 2.3 miles

Route: Starting at the Cutty Sark, head South toward the Royal Observatory and famous Meridien line located in the park’s central hill. Follow along Blackheath avenue, the Deer Park Trail and loop North toward One Tree Hill Vista Point finishing back at Cutty Sark.

About: This major hotspot for runners is known for its (very) hilly terrain, historic sites, beautiful viewpoints and also very friendly squirrels! The options are endless when it comes to circuits/loops or for a longer runs you can venture into Blackheath and it’s large open spaces.

5. Towpaths along the Regent’s Canal

Start: Limehouse Basin

Finish: St Pancras Basin

Distance: 10km / 6.3 miles

Route: Starting from Limehouse Basin take the canal path parallel to Mile End and Victoria Parks. Once you’ve reached Victoria Park there are many variations you could do along the different East London towpaths; Limehouse Cut, River Lea and Hertford Union. But to follow the Regent’s Canal towpath continue straight on until you reach Islington Tunnel Diversion, a short 1k detour. Fear not, there are ‘Towpath link’ signs on the pavement that will guide you back on. Finish the run at St Pancras Basin, but if you are keen for more the route continues all the way to Little Venice past Camden and Regent’s Park!

About: Flat, mostly traffic free and wonderful tour along the canals exploring East and North London.

6. Bushy Park Time Trial

Start: Diana’s Fountain (Eastern Side)

Finish: By the Heron Pond

Distance: 5km / 3.2 miles

Route: Bushy Park was the first ever “Parkrun” founded in 2004! The run usually takes place on Saturdays at 9:00 am (you can find more information on future dates here) starting on the Eastern side of the Diana Fountain. On a “Park Run” day, there will be marshals indicating the path and guiding your way. But if you are going solo there is a vast network of trails and route options based on your terrain preferences.