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Let's talk about coffee... Presto!

Here at The Lifestyle Guide, we have a close relationship with coffee. There is very little that happens each morning before we've drained our 1st cup of "brain juice".

Within the UK we consuming more than 216k+ tons of coffee each year making the UK the 5th largest coffee consumer market in Europe and an industry worth over £3.2 billion annually. Traditionally the UK is viewed largely as a tea-drinking nation, however, the coffee culture is certainly taking over with the market growing 10% year on year.

So when we discovered Presto Coffee, a company that is carving its own path within this vibrant industry whilst fully supporting ethical, environmental and sustainability we just had to share their story. We had the opportunity to run our Quick Fire Q&A past James Hagerty, Presto Founder, and we hope you will not only enjoy the inspiring journey but try out some of their wonderful products for yourself.

The Who?

Hi, we’re Presto; a team of sustainability-driven entrepreneurs making coffee that's good for the planet.

We're always curious to find out more about the people/entrepreneurs behind the brand - Could you give us a bit of background about yourself?

I’m James, a coffee fuelled 25-year-old on a mission to change the way we drink coffee. I started Presto just over 2 years ago, inspired to create delicious tasting coffee that doesn't cost the earth. I graduated from university (University of Essex) in June 2017 and was hungry to start making my stamp on the world. After graduating I worked for a number of food and drink brands who were looking to explore the online space. However, the story of Presto started many years before, during some work experience over a summer. I worked for a tiny startup coffee company called ‘Tasteworks’. Their mission was to create a platform of speciality coffee for customers to taste, chat and experiment to build up a better understanding of each blend. It was the learnings from Tasteworks that inspired me to start my own coffee brand. I have seen first-hand the environmental degradation that coffee plantations are causing and we’ve all seen the growing crisis of deforestation across the world. Presto is creating that platform for customers to get involved, sample and compare coffee whilst ensuring that each cup doesn't leave a lasting impact on the planet.

The What? What is Presto Coffee all about?

Presto is all about creating a coffee that doesn’t cost the planet. We’re improving our environmental impact from every step of the supply chain. Looking at each step under a microscope to see how we can improve it. Our mission is to deliver an incredible coffee product while also benefiting the environment.

The Why? Why did you decide to create and produce your own brand?

The coffee industry is tracking behind in terms of sustainability. Packaging innovation seems to be slow and how coffee is sourced, shipped and delivered is the same way that existed 50 years ago. Presto is here to shake things up. Roasting in larger batches to save waste heat, shipping our beans and never flying them and using 100% curbside recyclable packaging across each and every product.

The How? How have you created the products and the brand & what makes Presto Coffee different?

Freshness. Innovation. Sustainability.


At the moment we’re available on Amazon and our website We do plan to open up more channels later this year so watch this space!


Keep an eye on our Insta feed as we are running a prize draw where we will be giving away a few lovely products from Presto Coffee this week.

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