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Easter Gifts, Bring on the Lego!

YES, yes, Easter is usually chocolate related ! No fun police here, I promise - BUT what about giving a gift at Easter that will keep the little people in your life occupied for longer than it takes to shove an easter egg in their cute little faces (and not fill them up with a stack load of sugar #justsayin)

Here's an idea - BRING ON THE LEGO! The brand that just keeps getting better year on year!

Lego has come a very long way since my day - not that I'm THAT old......but a box of bricks with some windows and doors with a few plants and trees thrown in used to keep me busy for hours! NOW, you have a huge range of different themes for girls and boys (and lots of adults with their 18+ skill range) to keep themselves busy and get creative for hours on end.

I'm talking Lego everything, Animals, Arts and Crafts, Buildings, Cars, Dragons, Fantasy, Gaming, Ninjas, Preschool sets, Princesses, Real-Life Heroes, Robots for Kids, Space, STEM, Trains, Vehicles, Cartoon Characters, Films, and much much more!

Lego also has a free subscription magazine for kids plus a game and coding area on their website too for the older ones to get their gaming on! Playing AND Learning! It just keeps on getting better.

.......have you ordered yet? Off you pop


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