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Last Minute Easy Thoughtful Charitable Gifts

Trying to buy for the person that has everything? Instead of searching endlessly, why not give something charitable to a good cause on their behalf, that will go a whole lot further. There are many ways you can give something untangible to your loved one that will still be incredibly thoughtful and well-received at the same time. This way you can guarantee they are not left with another unwanted gift and will feel instantly thrilled to hear that their present will benefit someone else or somewhere else in the world. Ideas like this can be bought last minute online and jotted down in a card for them to open on the day and many of the below also offer a gift message for you to personalise too.

Here are some options we know will go down well whilst also making a huge difference.


The Sequoia project plants the most beautiful giant trees to offset pollution. The average person's CO2 footprint amounts to 520 tonnes over their lifetime. The Giant Sequoia absorbs over way over 1000 tonnes of carbon and so the charity offers a subscription service where you can plant your own sapling to offset your lifetime carbon emissions and give back to the environment.


There are so many different varieties of animals that are at risk of extinction and who need more support from us. Adopting an animal is a great way to contribute and many companies send regular updates and information or your animal to show how your adoption is benefiting them.


This gift provides training for farmers living in poverty so they can gain the knowledge and skills to grow more, raise more and earn more. The Making A Living project provides local communities in Afghanistan with goats which they can breed and produce milk and food to sell on.


Charity Donation

A one-off donation can go far and charities are in desperate need especially at Christmas. Some great options include Crisis at Christmas who support the homeless and in need during a difficult period or Action for Children where you can buy a Christmas gift to support a vulnerable child at Christmas with a gift that you can send on behalf of your loved one.


Charity Membership

Provide ongoing support by buying them a gift membership at a charity that may be close to their heart which will have a long-lasting positive effect to help charities to continue to carry out the amazing work and campaigns that they do.


Just like the Super Goat, there are so many more gift cards you can send on the Oxfam site. Including training packages for communities to help fight climate change, safe water, shelter and equality, the list goes on. There is a great variety available and the gift is a kind and heartfelt idea that will make a huge difference to the world.


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