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Just released! New Nike Go FlyEase

Nike has just announced its latest design of trainer that works hands-free.

The idea has come from the need for convenience in everyday life and to be able to quickly throw on your shoes and head out the house. The trainer is perfect for people on the go and suitable for a broad range of active lifestyles, which is a huge step in the right direction towards making sportswear more accessible because there is no one 'normal' healthy body definition in the fitness industry.

They are much easier to use due to being shoelace-free and having the flexibility to change shape so that you can smoothly put them on without needing the use of your hands. The easy on-off shoe has a hinged-style open and close method which works to the natural movement and shape of your foot allowing you to step right into it to secure it in place.

The flexible trainers are also moveable and breathable allowing you to get up and go with maximum comfort. They have a sleek design that will be launching in 3 different colour variations, Black, Anthracite, and Racer Blue.

This is their first-ever of this style and we hope to see many more form the brand and competitors who will hopefully follow suit.

This is the latest edition of the FlyEase range which is all about moving in a new way. The Nike Go FlyEase are to be released on the 19th March 2021, with limited availability exclusively for Nike members who will get the chance to get their hands on the shoe early, the rest will have to wait until the official release later in the year.

If you want to get your hands on these first, you can become a Nike member by signing up here.

Shop the full Nike FlyEase collection by clicking the link below:


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