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Jason Atherton Heads to Harrods!

Could Harrods BE any more of a destination venue already? Well, YES! With later opening hours (Thursday to Saturday until 10:30 pm) and all of the big name restaurants pulling in, we are delighted to announce that Jason Atherton is the latest one to sign on the dotted line and launch Harrods Social!

Opening on 17th May, Harrods Social will accommodate 114-seat guests (60 under COVID restrictions applied until 21st June) serving up British produce and seasonal ingredients, sourced locally where possible and only the finest meat and fish from Cumbria, Devon and the South Coast.

Harrods Social should certainly be on your top 10 list to book and visit over the coming months.

Jason Atherton commented:

Harrods is the most iconic department store in the world. Its famous Food Halls stock an incredible array of the very best produce from the British Isles, alongside one of the greatest wine shops in the world, the finest coffee, and of course the brilliant Dining Hall. We have shopped here for many years as a family, and to work alongside the amazing team at Harrods is so special.

To bring The Social Company dining philosophy to this renowned location is a dream. At the forefront of the partnership has been creating a menu that complements the shopping experience at Harrods and crafting a dining experience that matches the very best London has to offer.”

Good luck with the launch Jason!


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