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  • Lisa

January Smoothies!

We LOVE smoothies, we just can't get enough of them....especially to hide vegetables that are really good for us but aren't as tasty and sweet as the usual berries and bananas that we can eat by the bucket load.

Here are some of our favourites! Let get stuck in!


Fresh Lemon Ginger Detoxifying Smoothie

This delicious and easy Lemon Ginger Detoxifying Smoothie is dairy free, gluten free, and plant-based. It’s loaded with fresh lemon that naturally helps to boost the body’s detoxifying abilities and it tastes like lemon meringue pie!


Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie

Combine the delicious flavours of mango and passion fruit to create a healthy nutritious smoothie. Switch up your breakfast this dry January!


Green Tea & Fruit Smoothie

Packed full of goodness! A tasty smoothie that will tick off 3 of your 5 a day. Top tip: Green tea is a great metabolism booster.


Winter Warmer Smoothie

An Ayurvedic-inspired warming smoothie for the colder months.

Veggies, fruit, and warming spices nourish the body without cooling it down.

A delicious afternoon snack, workout recovery drink, or morning breakfast.


Winter Warmer Smoothie

This delicious Orange Ginger Turmeric Smoothie is the perfect winter pick-me-up.

It's as tasty as it is healthy and Vegan.

You definitely want to add it to your clean eating January recipe list!


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