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It's OKAY just to be Okay!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The pandemic has taken a massive toll on mental health. Many people have experienced feelings of stress, fear and anxiety in the last 10 months after what feels like being fed nothing but negative news. Everyone's situation is unique and we all respond to a crisis differently which we have to keep in mind. With separation from loved ones, worry's about health and big lifestyle changes, you have to remind yourself that although this feels horrible, you are helping to protect others and potentially save lives through your actions and that is definitely something to feel good about.

During the first lockdown, we felt a huge pressure that we were supposed to achieve something with many influencers and celebs leading the way with working out, keeping busy and learning new skills. After a while, it became a realisation that actually it's totally ok to just keep surviving and getting by each day and living your life as comfortably as possible by taking a step back from it all. We just wanted to remind you that you are doing amazing and you have come so far and grown so much as a person, so just to sightly relieve any heaviness you may be feeling right now, here are some things that are completely ok if you're doing today because we definitely are!


It's okay if you're...

  • Staying in your PJs all-day (loungewear is so in right now)

  • Having breakfast for lunch and dinner

  • Eating all the leftover chocolate from your Christmas stash (if you still have any left)

  • Getting dressed from the waist up only for zoom calls (we've all done it)

  • Having a glass of wine at 4 pm as a reward for getting through (most) of the day!

  • Not waking up at 6 am to go running (it's freezing cold!)

  • Eating last nights pizza the morning after (and the morning after that!)

We're all doing whatever we can to get through the days. Here are some ideas that may make things a little easier...

  • Create a daily routine

  • Try drinking some water first thing in the morning

  • Take a long hot bath - bath bombs are not just a treat for special occasions

  • Open the blinds and let in the light

  • Writing down positives things - did you see a dog today? yup! write it down!

  • Declutter just ONE cupboard

  • Have some vitamin C, warm water and lemon is a wonderful cleansing booster

  • Stay connected, contact an old friend or give a loved one a call

  • Take a break from 'doomscrolling' (recently added to the dictionary meaning 'consuming large amounts of negative news detrimental to mental health')

  • Volunteer - we instantly feel good about ourselves when we help others

  • Go outside for a stroll and take in the fresh air - even just around the block! You don't even have to get dressed - put your woolly hat on and wear a long coat!

  • Listen to a breathwork podcast and pause to focus on breathing throughout the day

  • Switch off devices - do something relaxing to unwind especially before bed

  • Get some rest (although it's not as easy as that!) - See our advice on the blog 'How to sleep well this winter...'

If you are really struggling, please do reach out and speak to someone. There are many helplines with generic and specific charities ready to listen and support.

Find the contact details via the NHS A to Z list found here:

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, we promise!


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