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Instagram Pages To Follow For Nothing But Positive Vibes On Your Feed!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

In the world we live in right now it feels like the only news is bad news and we could all do with a little bit more positivity being spread.

Doomscrolling' was a word added to the dictionary in 2020 and genuinely refers to reading bad after bad news in a crisis which can have a detrimental effect on mental health. Though it may feel all bad, the good is definitely out there we just need to find it as sadly it's not as easy to access. Which is why we thoroughly recommend following these amazing Instagram pages giving you nothing but good, positive and wholesome content.


Focusing on sharing and posting amazing news stories from around the world as well as uplifting messages to give you the pick me up you need to get through the day.

Don't forget to share your own good news and positive vibes on your social as someone may not know who might need to hear it. Spread the love people....spread the love...


Of course! We are all about spreading the good vibes by bringing you only the most inspiring, useful and positive blogs and posts on how to live your very best life. With topics such as Health & Wellness, Sustainability, Travel, Beauty, Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Fashion and Homeware. What's not to love?


When the negative thoughts are getting in the way, wearefeelgoodclub will pop up with a gentle reminder of how bloody brilliant you are. Focusing on mental health, this page is all about making you feel good every day because you deserve it.


Sharing good news from across the globe, their videos make us all emotional but we promise it's happy tears only! Following their stories of incredible humans doing incredible things for each other and humanity really brings a smile to your day.


Helping celebrate the good by posting stories of 'the people, ideas and movements changing the worlds for the better'. They also have an actual newspaper, newsletter and podcast if you just can't get enough of the good stuff.


The happy news loves to put a smile on your face with positive news brought to you in beautiful illustrations made up of bright and bold colours for an extra mood booster. They even have colourful merch for you to be reminded that the world is good when you are not scrolling their social feed.


Amplifying the good in the world and highlighting the positive impacts taking place that are often overshadowed. Bright Vibes Media helps inspire readers and followers to act positively in their own lives after seeing a global amount of good happenings on their page.


News from around the world that have a positive effect on our mental health. The Happy Broadcast is the 'anxiety-free news' provider with good news by the plenty and happy looking illustrations and character to make us feel a whole lot better.


Showcasing the best humanity has to offer, full of amazing stories, brands and people creating a positive impact on their audiences socially whilst also influencing businesses too.


The movement is all about spreading Love, Positivity, Acceptance, Equality, Kindness and most of all GoodVibes! This year, the page is all about helping you learn gratitude in your everyday life and making a difference through togetherness.


Positive news aims to inspire and provide hope to readers with their stories to help you to stay resilient. It's journalism that publishes everything that is going in the right in the world. Just what we need!


Tank's Good News is to inform but also entertain by sharing positive news with a hint of humour. Get some of the best trending videos from real-life heroes, good businesses, incredible kids and celebrities.

We hope your feed is now packed full of positivity and good news for you to share on to your own audiences, followers and people you know because it feels good to spread the positive vibes!


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