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Immune System Booster !

In the history of mankind never has this topic been more spoken about, emphasised and relevant as it is now in this current moment in time. Although the basic understanding of our immune system is some times misunderstood or misinterpreted

Yes, we've had horrific pandemics, mutations of viruses, strains of different bacterias, names of alien invaders that we can't even pronounce, with symptoms and side effects of scarier visions than Spielberg's worst movies and even some with comical outcomes and rashes. BUT equally to our bodies and to this article - none of that is going to be discussed here NOT EVEN vaccinations - at least not today!

Talking about the immune system is something that really excites me, because a weak immune system is directly proportional to how we feel and FEELING GOOD has always been my NO.1 priority. - cue Michael Buble Feeling Good ; )

It's the Master Switch for Vitality and Energy!!!! Since the very beginning, our phenomenal biology was simultaneously gearing itself for survival, in collaboration with ALL KNOWN Bacteria. *Primarily in the Gut ie. Gut Biome and Gut Health.

The complexity of all of our "systems" are continuously striving for homeostasis and well being, the individuality of all of these so called “departments” are somewhat comparable to a well conducted symphonic orchestra.

As we all know, each instrument has the ability to contribute to the harmony of the Orchestra. The performance, pending greatly on how well tuned the instrument is and how skilled the musician is. If instruments are underperforming and musicians below parr, we can end up with a rather horrific outcome. Proving that this is an extremely complexed balancing act which again is entirely unique to each individual person.

If one's Immune system has glaring issues, these become the weakest part of the Orchestra- in real terms, it becomes easily susceptible to change of seasons, bronchial issues, allergies and the simple common colds


  • Hydration is fundamentally important for our immune system as well as keeping “the Orchestra” in its best state, to ward off potential Invaders. A well-hydrated body has the lubrication to action what each department needs to do “Water Is Life”. Calculating ones Water Quota is to multiply your weight in Kgs by 0,04. In other words for every Kg of body weight, we need 40ml of water.

  • Within your Hydration Responsibility, it is extremely beneficial to drink 3 cups of your daily water quota as warm, to palatably hot. The organ cleansing benefits of this is beyond measure in its overall benefit to the “The Orchestra”. Inversely so - if organs are taking strain of any sorts they will drain energy away from the overall Immune System.

  • Staying with the winter months Teas are a great way to not only Hydrate and Cleanse but the “ Flavanoid" Rich Teas have great Immune Boosting Properties! The ever favoured Green Tea with its multitude of benefits, Rooibos tea, to a degree but more importantly that it gives a Caffeine Free alternative which I feel is very important.Some Tea infusions with Tart Cherries(another very High Flavanoid Full option, in juice form as well).

  • Going to the Juices and Juicing, we can get really extravagant and over elaborate with certain ingredients in some cases: Staying with Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Curcumin, Celery, Greens, Cocoa extract, Boswellia root and Bitter Ingredients etc. is a sure way to boost our Nutrient Rich Intake. But on the other hand of Juicing, we can far to often override the health benefits with the desire of a “ Sweet Tasting” High Fructose Ingredient list. I constantly plead with people to be aware of the hidden sugar content, Fructose from fruit is as equally influencing as sugar to our systems. Overstimulating our Insulin Release is absolutely detrimental to our Immune Systems, it literally turns the lights out for our Orchestras as well as tying them up.

Garlic and Garlic extract tablets are ruthless and fantastic in killing off invading bacterias etc. an absolute must have in all homes during winter.

Holland & Barrett have some great offers on Odourless Garlic capsules and you can order yours right here - click

Ingredients that are Individual Stressors to our Immune Systems such as Sugar, Alcohol Sugars, Acesulfame K, Aspartame and to add to that list Palm Oil please avoid at all costs. As tedious as it is to read through ingredient lists on each product, it is a habit I implore everyone to start doing. There are hidden dangers and landmines a plenty.

It is always supported that Exercise and Health go hand in hand. Stress horribly affects our Immune system and with everything that is going on with 'Lockdowns', a very simple and massively beneficial Immune Boosting habit is to breathe properly and so much so as to actually take a ‘Time Out’ to feed ‘Our Orchestra’ with good breathwork.

Calming Systems Down

  • Inhale through the nose for 4 seconds

  • Exhale and control the breath out of the mouth for 6 seconds

The more frequently you practice this the better and longer your inhale vs your exhale will become. Try to keep the 2 to 3 ratio from "in" to “out"

Relieving Stress

  • Inhale for 4 seconds through the nose

  • Hold the breath for 4 second

  • Exhale out of the mouth for 4 seconds

  • Hold for 4 Seconds before inhaling again for the second cycle

Try and repeat this cycle 6 times and slowly increase the repetitions of cycles daily. Please make sure to be seated comfortably while doing this.

So here's to a Happy, Strong ‘Kick A—S’ Immune System! All the best always,

Rudi Keil B Your Best


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