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2021 isnt cancelled.....things to look forward to!

Updated: Jan 12

2021 is going to be wild!

Everything postponed from last year will be taking place, so expect a year packed full of events to get doubly excited about. The return of Glasto and other festivals will be something to look forward to but most of all just getting back to normality. Hugging our friends, going for dinner and walking around mask free is what we have been missing greatly and are excited to do be able to so once safe enough.

Whilst we start the year in lockdown we still have plenty to look forward to and feel positive about this year, so here are just a few things!

Reuniting With Friends and Family

Our plans to reunite with friends and family kept getting rescheduled over and over again until we just gave up hope, but 2021 is looking so much brighter and meeting up with loved ones is so very close insight. We can't wait to give up virtual hugs for good and give everyone a big old squeeze.

Going On Holidays

Where will we possibly go first when the borders are open and we are free.

2021 is definitely not the year for staycations, our newfound freedom will find us booking a flight as far away as possible for some much-needed escapism, from the home we have isolated in for almost a year. Grab yourself a good deal at Holiday Exclusives or On The Beach to make yourself feel even better.

Regular Pampering

Trying to accurately guess when the salons were going to shut down again was beyond difficult, leaving us looking rather a mess way too often. Booking beauty appointments again is going to be a luxury but we may have to leave it a week before we leave the house post-lockdown to make sure we are looking ready for a public appearance.

Our current look is frazzled and so we will never take for granted how much a good pamper session and a chat with a friendly face makes us feel. Check out our fave vegan nail salons in London which are well worth a visit this year.

Visiting Galleries - Temporary Art Exhibitions

Have you seen how many amazing galleries are taking place this year? We wrote all about it in our blog on Temporary Art Exhibitions and Galleries that we will be attending.

See collections from Banksy, Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin and so many more to admire.

Eating Out

Yes, ordering food and drink without the awkwardness and we are keen to get out and support the hospitality industry as best we can to help them get back on their feet.

Going to a restaurant is going to be the perfect hang out for our many many reunions and catch-ups and anything to avoid eating any more of our own home cooking.

Food Festivals

Festivals that combine food and entertainment are just the best, you can attend with anyone, friends family and kids will all have a great time trying all the amazing delicacies and treats on offer.

Have a look over on our blog for the Best Food Festivals taking place in 2021 across the UK.

Big Sporting Events