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Host A Galentines or Palentines Day Cocktail Night

Galentines or Palentines, the world has donned this term so we would no longer need to feel shamed for being single as we too can have just as much fun with our pals and celebrate our friendship whilst others are participating in romantic and overly soppy pastimes to mark the day of love.

Let's avoid scrolling through the endless online PDA's and just be grateful that you don't have to spend money on presents or dates after only just recovering from Christmas spends anyway. So why not get together your closest friends and host a cocktail making evening as a welcome distraction and talk about anything but relationships or 'love'.

Obviously, our good friend Zoom comes in to play as always when it comes to our new way of socialising and the ever so popular rise in DIY Home Kits including cocktail sets make it super easy and fun for you to plan. If you're feeling generous then you can take the lead with organising the event and ordering the kits or you can always ask everyone to chip in to make it a success too.

Here is how to host your own Zoom Cocktail Night courtesy of Cocktail Delivery!


Now lets get planning.....

Step 1: Create Your Guest List and Send Out Your Invites

Step Two: Choose Your Cocktails & Your Freeze Dried Fruit

The kits will be sent out on a next day delivery!

Step 3: Get Glammed Up!

From the waist up is FINE!

Step 4: Set Up Your Zoom Call & jump online!

Step 5: Get Shaking With The Online Tutorials

Step 6: Enjoy!


As standard, each box includes:

  • Personalised Message on the inside of the box

  • 40cl Cocktail kit (2 bottles) of your choice

  • Dairy Milk Chocolate bar with a personalised wrap

  • Bag of Sweets

  • Bag of Freeze-Dried fruit (used as a garnish)

  • Free Next Day Nationwide Delivery

Make sure you add the shaker set to your orders; it's a Full size, Premium Boston tin with glass shaker so you can all shake together.

Feel like your friends may need an extra pick me up? You can always upgrade to the Jewellery Gift Box or you can also add other little bespoke extras such as Candles, Bath Bombs, biscuits & seasonal gifts, to make it that extra bit special.


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