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Halloween Treats! Cooking with the kids!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

2020 Halloween celebrations, for the most part, will sadly be rather limited this year due to Covid-19 safety measures. Now let's face it, even though modern-day "Halloween" traditions are imported from the USA we've taken to celebrating Halloween like experts on this side of the pond.

At least it's an opportunity to dress up, who doesn't love a bit of fancy dress, eat sugary treats and in general have some good wholesome fun. This year should absolutely be no exception, albeit without the mass gatherings and perhaps trick or treating, and the kids can still have loads of fun. We've pulled together some great ideas for both kids and parents to enjoy so bring a little fun and magic back to the kitchen table with these tricks and treats for the little ones.


Halloween Finger Hot Dogs

These ghoulish severed fingers are the perfect Halloween theme, with ketchup spread over as fake blood.

Not to mention, what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t enjoy a hot dog?!


Healthy Halloween Pizzas

Let your little wizards and witches create their own petrifying pizza using their favourite veggies and meats covered with slimy cheese!


Pastry Snakes

Sppoooooky snacks at the ready! Super easy and quick to make and a real crowd pleaser too!


Bell Pepper Pumpkins

A great twist on the classic look of a jack-o-lantern, sweet, tangy and crisp snack for all the kids to enjoy. Mix it up with different expressions to make your kids laugh.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Spiders

The tastiest creepy-crawly, filled with salty peanut butter and sweet jam it’s the ultimate combo! Crunchy pretzel sticks to finish off this 8 legged snack.


Hungry Apple Monsters

The frightening monster mouths will certainly count towards your five a day whilst you’re having fun. Tuck into them before they eat you!


Spider Biscuits

A perfect addition to your Halloween party feast! Children will love decorating these but be quick! Before they crawl away......

A little tip: you can buy edible eyes from any supermarket which might make it a little easier for the smaller ones.



Under the green façade, is a delicious fruit filled smoothie which will satisfy sweet cravings. Get creative with the Frankenstein face and top with blackberries to represent his hair.


So go on give it a bash! Tag us in your stories or posts when you've "nailed it" we can't wait to see your wonderful creations. Don't forget to subscribe to The Lifestyle Guide for more amazing content and, if you don't already, give us s follow on Instagram!


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