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Hairstyles you can do yourself at home by Live True London!

LIVE TRUE LONDON has come up with some amazing styles that you can do yourself at home! Let's dive into their tips and tricks!

Braids - If you have highlights or balayage, the effect created by such colours will show more definition with braids, plaits, and twists. Braids are an easy style to be done at home - make sure that your hair is washed and apply a nourishing serum such as Kérastase Elixir Ultime. The hair will then be easier to manage and style. Create your plait and secure it with a band.

Updos - If you have sharp features, face framing or highlights, buns or styles half up and half down will be perfect as they will showcase the brightness around the face. For those styles, you will need a strong blow dry done a few days before so that the hair has some grip. Add some Redken Powder Grip to the hair so that you have extra grip when styling and adding the pins. You can use a support for the bun if you want more volume or clip in extensions.

Curly ponytail - Try a ponytail style with a cascade of curls. Apply heat protection such as Redken Iron Shape and style the curls with a heated tool. Put your hair into the ponytail and add serum to the ends to separate the curls and give them definition.


LIVE TRUE LONDON is one of our favourite hair salons.....with the most gorgeous salons in Brixton, Clapham North and Vauxhall they have a bold style and strong values! They are of course not open yet - following the rules and all - but they do have a TOP Priority Booking Link.


The best thing, we think, is hair that makes you feel ‘more you’"


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