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Green & Blue! Fair Trade....Why It's Important!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Thankfully our favourite aisle where the coffee is found comes rich in options with Fairtrade alternatives. It’s unmissable and it’s clear that coffee brands are well ahead here, but what about other beverages?

We hope that in the near future, all products we pass in the supermarket are from Fairtrade companies who operate sustainably and provide well for their workers allowing them to live in a safe and fair environment. We wanted to highlight the front runners in the Fairtrade world right now who have set the standard for other companies to follow suit and we praise them for leading the way with their positive practices.


Why is Fairtrade important?

Fairtrade is about protecting and offering fair terms and conditions for hardworking farmers and workers producing the products, by the companies paying more sustainable prices. This helps improve the social and environmental standards of the area and gives the employees more control over their lives.


Here at The Lifestyle Guide, we thought we'd share our current favourite "Fairtrade" drinks brands we'll definitely adding to our next shopping list. So here is our next basket full of Fairtrade drinks, from vodka to lemonade (so we can try them together of course)!

Look out for the green and blue logo on your next shop.

ChariTea... (get it?)

Brits love tea and our cupboards are stocked full of brands that are available by plenty in our local supermarket. However, when it comes to ice tea we only knew of one main brand until now. As well as paying a higher price for ingredients, company ChariTea makes an additional donation for every 5 bottles they sell to support social projects.


People are at the forefront of T2’s values and they celebrate them in many ways. As well as Fairtrade they also have a certified B Corp which identifies businesses with the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Go T2!


We love the funky design and with it being Fairtrade too we feel that this particular fizzy drink is actually pretty good for us. Like Karma ‘what goes around comes around’ and that is why they give back to the amazing people who grew it in the first place.


The core focus at Liberty Wines is their social responsibility including employee wellbeing and sustainability. Their MD even visits the producers themselves each year and he believes the best wine is created through sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices.


Clipper has been in our cupboard for years and we haven’t looked back. They are the world's largest Fairtrade tea brand and they are not just focusing on the tea but also it's packaging. The ingredients are organic, the trade is fair and the drinks are delicious. What more could you want!


We usually pick up a Juice Burst as an apology to our bodies for not eating as healthily as we should have that day. They are so refreshing, delicious and Fairtrade, that you instantly feel better after the first sip.


The team at Lemonaid has close relationships with their farmers and it’s clear that they care deeply about supporting those who help run the business. They partner with ChariTea in a joint charity foundation program. Together they’ve raised £4million so far which they put towards social projects in their growing regions.


Shop Fairtrade

Interested in more? The full list of Fairtrade approved companies can be found on their website for you to browse:


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