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Getting the little ones ready for a night filled with beautiful dreams.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

"Dreams is very mystical things” said the BFG....

Let's face it, bedtimes with the little ones can be tough and now with the added stress of the clocks going back, we will take all the hacks, tips and tricks on board to get our adorable bundles of joy off to sleep AND fingers crossed, sleeping until the sun comes up (if we're lucky). There is NOTHING worse than not getting the sleep you need for your positive physical and mental well being.

So....we've narrowed down some simple ideas for little sleepers to help them get the best possible quality of sleep with a sustainable approach in mind.

So here we go.....send the kids off to sleep with these nighttime hacks.


A Warm Bath

A warm bath is perfect for winding down and relaxing, add a body wash with sleepy scents such as Lavender and Chamomile which can be found in the Little Aurelia Sleep Time range, It helps leave skin and hair feeling beautifully cleansed whilst making the mind calm and content and ready for bed. Also, Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath with Lavender might do the trick too!


Night Creams

Badger Organic Sleep Balm is a dreamy blend of essential oils. Lavender to help relax, Rosemary to clear the mind, Balsam Fir to refresh and mentally uplifting Bergamot.

Gently massage into pulse points to help activate the scents.


Cosy Pyjamas

Look the part, feel the part. Comfort starts on the skin, with the right clothing to help achieve ultimate relaxation.


A Warm Drink

Warm milk has been advised for decades as a comforting drink to be consumed before bedtime. We love Alpro Organic Almond Milk warmed up to help them wind down.

The nutrient tryptophan, found in the drink, is well known for helping children fall asleep.


Dim Night Lights

A night light encourages the body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. It will make them feel safe and provide continuous calm throughout the night. It's also suggested that they promote visual brain development and reduce nightmares. Make it extra special and personalise their very own nightlight


A Good Book

Waterstones have plenty of bedtime tales that help your child relax and nod off to sleep.

Whether they read to themselves quietly or you read it together. It could be one short story a night or something longer, lasting a few nights to encourage your child to look forward to going to bed for the week ahead.


A Soothing Sound

For newborns to toddlers, try using sounds to encourage better sleep.

The White Company has the adorably cute Kimbo Noise Soother Elephant which mimics the comfort of the womb with soothing sounds and warm colours.


A Comfy Bed

Panda Kids 100% Bamboo Bedding and Memory Foam Pillow. Start them off right with sensible and sustainable bedding. Hypoallergenic, eco friendly and luxuriously soft for maximum comfort. The struggle will be getting them out of bed rather than in it.


Pillow Spray

Bloom & Blossom’s Magical Dream Catcher Mist aims to help soothe the mind of restless activity with calming essences of sweet orange, eucalyptus, bergamot, satsuma, lavender and patchouli and a promise of ‘phizz-whizzing’ dreams.

Practice relaxing breathing exercises with the aroma for the best results.


From our fab friends at the NHS!

The NHS advises a good routine to help promote healthy sleep for children with the following steps:

1. A Warm Bath

2. Dim Lights

3. Reading or Listening

4. Breathing Exercises

What are your top tips for bedtime routines? Lets us know and we will gladly share!


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