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Get "Nourished" with Melissa Snover

Over the past two years, I think it's fair to say that we've all had to think a lot more about our health and lifestyle in general. Some have had the time to make real changes to their daily routines and others have had to be really honest with themselves about how they can improve on their overall health and wellness. One thing is certain as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic is that our immune systems and our bodies are our greatest asset in the 1st line of defence. In order to give us the best possible chance of staying healthy our bodies may very well need a little help from time to time. With this said we've come across an exceptional concept and vitamin solution which is bespoke to each person. Nourished is a company that builds 3D printed, personalised vitamins in the form of a gummy (sugar-free & vegan friendly) - sounds amazing but we wanted to find out a bit more about the brand, the founder and how this company got started. As we celebrate Women's Day on the 8th of March we thought we'd include Melissa in our "Celebrating Women In Business" campaign as we're delighted to bring you our quickfire Q&A below:

Nourished is a 3D printed, personalised gummy packed full of high impact vitamins and nutrients.

If you take multivitamins daily; your routine is about to get a whole lot easier and tastier!

By using the Nourished system you can build your own 7-layer stack, packed with vitamins and nutrients from a wide of over 30 active ingredients.


The Who?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 23, when I co-founded a financial services company having just graduated from Lancaster business school. I went on to sell this business in 2009 so I could redirect my creative skills into confectionery and that’s when I created the brand Goody Good Stuff – the world’s first vegan gummy range which was also free from all major allergens.

I am absolutely fascinated by new technologies, which is what led me to develop Magic Candy Factory in 2015; the first 3D printer for confectionery to be brought to the consumer market. With no previous experience of additive manufacturing, I spent almost a year teaching myself coding, building and taking apart 3D printers, and reading every book I could find on the subject. I am a true believer that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

I am currently the founder and CEO of Rem3dy Health – we pioneer personalised solutions across preventative and curative health under the brands Nourished (Personalised Nutrition) and Scripted (Personalised Medicine).

The What? Bespoke / Freshly made vitamins ...what is it all about?

Through our totally unique production process, we have created the world’s first truly customisable, personalized nutrition. All of our high impact gummies are 3D printed fresh to order – our world-first, patented 3D printing technology and gel encapsulation process mean we can include seven active ingredients in just one tasty gummy. This also means the ingredients in your Nourished Stack are high impact – we encapsulate your active ingredients into our patented vegan hydrocolloid gel, so your body digests your Nourished Stack like any other food, making for better absorption.

The Why? Why did you decide to create your own brand / product / solution?

I first came up with the concept for Nourished while I was travelling for work. As an entrepreneur, I travel all over the world and used to always carry the various different vitamins and supplements I was taking in a plastic bag – something which I found extremely inconvenient. On this occasion, I accidentally dropped my bag of supplements all over the floor in airport security and had to crawl around in my suit and heels in a frustrating attempt to pick them up… I knew there must be an easier way to make sure I was getting all the nutrients my body needs; I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 17, have been an avid consumer of vitamins and supplements for over a decade, and have a real interest in all things health and nutrition – so I decided I was going to do something about this. I set out to find a way to simplify the way we take vitamins and to make the combinations 100% customised to the individual consumer - and with Nourished, I think we’ve done just that

The How? How have you created the products and the brand & what makes Get Nourished different?

In a world where everything is personalized – from hair care to clothing, to food, to anything and everything in between – it seemed bizarre to me that we treat our health any differently. When I was first inspired to create Nourished I researched what personalized vitamins and supplements there were on the market. I came up short. Different companies offered different delivery methods, but the result was always the same – a selection of pills and tablets to be taken each day. Nourished is a truly unique concept. We create 3D printed, personalized, high impact gummy vitamins to order, made with our patented 3D printing technology, and vegan hydrocolloid gel encapsulation formula. Through our one-of-a-kind production process we can create a single gummy vitamin with seven different active ingredients, each one designed to support the body, lifestyle, and goals, of the consumer. We stand out because no one in the world is doing what we’re doing.

Another thing that sets us apart from the crowd is our sustainability credentials. Sustainability has always been very important to me, so at Nourished we’ve kept that in mind throughout every step of the process. Our plastic-free packaging, designed to keep your high impact gummies fresh, is made exclusively from eco-friendly materials and our wrappers are home compostable, our box recyclable – even the inks and glue we use have been specially formulated to ensure minimum carbon footprint. I’m proud to say 98% of the ingredients used are from the UK, we have a zero single use plastic production process, and printing to order means very little wastage.

The Where? Where do you see the business, and the brand, in terms of growth/expansion or product development over the next year or two

It’s a really exciting time for Nourished! We’ve recently launched in the USA and seen great success so far, and we’re excited to hear our customers feedback on our latest offering, a sour coating, rather than sweet. We have some other incredibly exciting projects in the works – firstly with Nourished Kids launching in the near future, which will be the first and only personalized vitamins for kids in the world. We’re also working behind the scenes on a new 3D printing innovation that will allow us to be able to create personalized protein bars, alongside personalized vitamins.

Following a successful launch in the USA at the end of last year, we are looking into a third Birmingham based production facility so we can ensure we can keep up with ever increasing demand – this will mean a whole host of new jobs for the area. In 2021, we’ve already hired five new permanent staff members, and we’re still recruiting – I’m passionate about Birmingham, so it brings me great pleasure to be able to bring jobs to the local area.

Distribution Channels - On-line ? In retail?

We operate a direct-to-consumer business model, offering a monthly subscription service which is delivered directly to your door. We are also now available exclusively in-store at Selfridge’s Oxford Street flagship store, as well as online at


Instagram: @get_nourished


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