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Floating bar set to be the most sustainable hospitality venue on the PLANET.

Battersea Power Station is just going to be phenomenal. The place to be this Summer and beyond!

Not only does BPS have an amazing array of bars, restaurants and retail shops being fully stocked AS I TYPE - (Check out our blog from last month) but after months of research and planning the construction of what's set to be THE MOST SUSTAINABLE HOSPITALITY VENUE ON THE PLANET is underway!

(Note: This is probably an April Fools joke from our dear friends at Incipio but wouldnt it just be amazing if it was real!)

What? I hear you tell us more....

Incipio Group & Jubel Beer are behind this giant peach sized gem suitably named ‘Jubel And The Giant Pergola’ and fully equipped with a giant solar panelled leaf made from reclaimed recycled material.

Yes, a 3-tiered, floating bar shaped like a giant peach is very much happening and on our radar!

Here's a snippet of the plans.

Top Floor:

The Aprez Surf Roof Terrace "Jubel Bar"with 360 views for drinks and dining

Middle Floor:

A botanical themed bars and street food with a capacity for up to 1000 people

Ground Floor:

A one of a kind ‘wave-pool’ on the bottom floor, with signature pergolas running around the borders. Plus kayaks and paddle boards for hire.

Every aspect of the venue has been designed with sustainability in mind which we absolutely LOVE including the pontoon which will be made from upcycled plastic.

We cannot wait to find out more and will of course keep our readers posted!


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