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Firework Extravaganza - where to go!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

It actually may be our favourite time of year. When things are all cosy and you can wrap up in a silly amount of layers. Bonfire Night is a celebration primarily in the UK and every year we put on fireworks displays across the country in all their magnificent form pulling out all the stops with the most show stopping production with lasers evolving over the years. They are always so much better than our disappointing own attempts of a few pops in the garden.

We are gutted to hear some of our favourite annual displays will not be going ahead this year, but we love fireworks and we will find a way to still get our fix of sparklers and bailey’s hot choc. Lo and behold the drive-in fireworks, imagine all the usual perks of the night minus the cold and standing up.

With the cancellations of many of the usual displays, these are set to be a sell-out so book those tickets! Get ready to join us in awe with a night full of ‘ahhhhhs’ and ‘ooooohs’.

*Check before you travel, lots of changes constantly happening!


Sat 7th November 2020

Autumn Lights are coming to Lincoln. The fabulous Lincolnshire Showground usually hosts an extravaganza for bonfire night, and we are glad to hear it is still going ahead (drive-in style). The evening includes fire shows and a unique spectacle of light

with hot air balloons lit up in the night sky.


Sat 7th November 2020

The city is planning to go ahead with a public display but instead, they have re-imagined the event so that audience can watch and admire from their doorsteps as the fireworks are let off high in the sky for everyone to see. If it’s too cold on the night, it can also be watched live from YouTube on the sofa. Sounds tempting!


Fri 6th & Sat 7th November 2020

Popcorn Movies presents the Skyrocket Drive-in at the picturesque Ardleigh Showground. Enjoy the breathtaking display from your car window at this socially distanced event. There will be food and drink stalls onsite for you to stock up before the show starts so wind your seats back and enjoy.


Sat 7th November 2020

This spectacular display will be happening at Errol Showground and there is something for everyone with 3 shows throughout the evening. The event begins with the kids movie magic show which features all the best movie theme tunes accompanying an enchanting fireworks performance. Then following that, they will be hosting The Greatest Showman display and later on into the

evening an Ibiza Classics party for you to boogie

along to in your car!


Sat 7th November 2020

The already magical park where life-size dinosaurs are lurking, will return for its annual fireworks event and is set to be one of London’s prime spots to see them this year. There will be heaps of entertainment throughout the night including a performance from the Lords of Lightning.

To excite yourselves even more watch this performance from the Arcadia crew below!


Thurs 5th November 2020

Autumn Lights will also be hosting an event at Elvington Airfield as well as Lincoln. The huge spectacle will include lasers, music, light and fire shows as well as an extraordinary display of fireworks. Not to be missed.


Sat 7th November 2020

The Shuttleworth Collection (near Biggleswade) is hosting a thrilling Fireworks and Aerobatic display followed by a lights show on the grounds of the house. Expect stunts from world famous champion Mark Jefferies who will be doing a pyrotechnic performance for a gasping audience. There will also be plenty of food available and the Shuttleworth House shop will be open for you to pick up a souvenir.


Sat 7th November 2020

Winchester is hosting a socially distanced firework display from home, with all profits going to charities supporting the local community. The rockets will be launched from 3 secret locations in the area to guarantee all residents will be able to get a great view #LightUpWinchester


Sat 7th & Sun 8th November 2020

The festival takes place each year and the wristband to this event also includes access to late-night rides and the parks walk through areas such as penguin cove and reptile world. We will try not to get too distracted

and miss the show altogether.


Thurs 5th & Sat 7th November 2020

In two locations, Driffield Showground and Scampston Hall, Sky Magic has an incredible event lined up for you and your family including, competitions, giveaways and live entertainment.

The European fireworks used are a professional display that has rarely been seen before and are among some of the best in the world.


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