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Festive Tipples Delivered, The Christmas Collections

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Perfect for wrapping up as gifts or for enjoying yourself this Christmas, we have the best-limited edition festive tipples from our favourite brands to share with you. Pre-mixed cocktails, wine and spirits with a Christmas twist. Enjoy all the seasonal ingredients such as cinnamon and orange in these delicious drinks that will really get you in the Christmas Spirit.


The sweet candy treat is our new favourite flavour of gin. The Eden Mill Candy Cane Gin tastes just like Peppermint and is pink in colour. Pop a mini candy cane on the side of your glass to make it look the part.


This Festive tipple was created by Old Curiosity and Great British Bake Off finalist Ruby Bhogal. Ginger, Cinnamon and Cardamom are the specially chosen botanicals mixed to create and bring the Christmas spirit. This one changes colour when mixed with tonic, it's a drink that entertains.


A sweet and spicy remarkable tasting plum gin, with cinnamon, clove and stem ginger spices. We love it.


The alcohol-free set comes with Sparkling Rose, White Wine and Prosecco to keep the drinks flowing. The elegant selection works well for stocking up in time for Christmas or gifting to a friend.


Adding chocolate and cherry to the festive flavour palette with this delicious Christmas Cake Gin from Warner Edwards - The Distillery Collection.


This is the one to have with or on the dessert. Made with Irish Whiskey, cream and sugar, the smooth liqueur goes down a treat.


Christmas Pudding Spice Rum yum! The boozy fruity dessert turned into a festive spirit to enjoy. Made up of aromatic cinnamon, orange and muscovado sugar to tantalise your taste buds.


The world has gone wild for the Chocolate Orange flavour this year. The latest edition to Cocktail Delivery’s list of delights, this cocktails consists of Baileys and liqueur in chocolate and orange.


This amazing Three Kings Cocktail Gift Set comes with three incredible flavours based on the gifts presented to the baby Jesus himself. Gold (Martini), Frankincense (Manhattan) and Myrrh (Negroni).


A Christmas twist on the classic negroni, the ready-made cocktail oozes class. Using Portobello Road Gin, Italian sweet Vermouth, Campari bitters, blood oranges and cloves to create this punchy drink.


Now try and think of your ultimate favourite classic snack at Christmas then imagine the flavour enthused in a festive cocktail, yum! No were not talking gingerbread, we are referring to the much-loved brussel sprout.

This interesting flavoured vodka is green in colour and has subtle hints of nutty-cabbage, delicious.


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