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Festive Hot Drinks For Your Morning Stroll!

It’s a good morning and it’s made even better this time of year when you have a festive hot drink to look forward to. By far our favourite blends of flavours come around at this time of year, starting the day off right and keeping us warm and cosy. We love a pumpkin spice latte, but we are quick to forget all about it when we are warming up with a gingerbread latte instead. This year we have gone chocolate orange wild, so anywhere selling a variety of this in a hot drink is pleasantly welcomed. With most coffee shops open, the perfect day begins with waking up early, wrapping up warm and popping round the corner to your local cafe for a festive hot drink before you start the day.

Here are some of our favourite festive coffees you can enjoy whilst your out and about or you can make form home, pour into a flask or travel mug and take out with you on your morning stroll.


Out and About

Coffee lovers listen up! The YourPret Barista coffee subscription is here. Launched in September, Pret customers can now enjoy their coffees and hot drinks via a subscription service. If you have ever out of boredom thought to calculate how much you spend a month on hot drinks it may have shocked you as it did us. But this, however, is revolutionary and a game-changer. Choose from their selection of tea, frappes, coffee, hot choc and even their seasonal drinks as part of this amazing deal. For only £20 a month and you even get your first month free, hence why the ques outside Pret are huge right now.


We have to say, we like them sweet. That’s why year on year we just have to order the Black Forest Hot Choc. They have also teamed up with Quality Street and created the Purple One which is a hazelnutty tasty treat.


The festive faves are back, the eggnog, toffee nut and gingerbread lattes and new to the list the Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate, yum! You probably shouldn’t but always will add a slither of cake to go with it.


The festive coffee and hot chocolate are just divine, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows if you like them a bit extra. They also have some delicious festive sweet treats to accompany your drink, such as the mince pie or their Black Forest Roulade.


Support your local

Nothing beats your local coffee shop, they know your order, they are always friendly and it just makes you feel nostalgic whilst also supporting their small business. What we have discovered so far in our locals this winter include the Pear & Ginger Latte and Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate and which were both incredible.


Roast From Home

With it being just before Christmas Lavazza have some amazing deals on their coffee machines for your home. Whether it’s a gift for you or a loved one they are best snapped up now, check out the deals here.


Whittard Chelsea has the luxury hot drinks and their festive tipples are delightful. You can order in your Christmas flavours and they show you exactly how best to serve them with these delicious recipes. The hot chocolate is just mouth-watering, of course, a Baileys Hot choc is an essential Christmas treat but you have to try the Cinnamon and Orange Liqueur Hot Chocolate too.


So these guys have 39 variants of coffee, just how do you choose? Well as it’s Christmas we have to recommend flavours such as the chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnabun and Cinnamon Hazelnut, they are so good.


Like Pret, they also offer a subscription service but delivered straight to your door which you can choose their Select range and receive the seasonal goods too. Alternatively, you can shop online where you can find their fantastic Christmas coffee blends for your home brewing. Their Christmas blend has a hint of Christmas Pudding and it is just perfect for a cold winter morning.


They sell the most amazing hot chocolates around as well as their coffee, you can even by a velvetiser to make it just like they sell in their shops. Their festive flavours include Ginger, Mint and Orange and they are incredible. Stock up and make them all year round.


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