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Feel Warm At Night With These Cute & Cuddly Hot Water Bottles

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Cold sheets in the Summer - Delightful! Cold sheets in the Winter - No Thanks!

Brrrrrrr......there is nothing like getting into a warm bed when your feeling chilly. Sometimes our own bodies central heating system is not up to the job, and when you don’t have a partner or a pet to press your cold feet against then look no further, to the trusty hot water bottle. These have been around for a very long time and still as useful as ever, it gets the job done. An hour before bed, fill it up and place it under your duvet cover and your bed will be so snug by the time you crawl in.

See our top picks of winter bed warmers for a cosy nights sleep!


We love this cute and cosy, personalised hot water bottle and bonus points, its fair trade and eco friendly. An LG fave!


This extra long hot warmies hot water bottle can be wrapped around you for full warmth coverage. "A great gift for anyone who gets chillier than a Mexican burrito"


Best for cuddling as its super soft, this faux fur hot water can also be matched with your cushion and eye mask, cute!


So stylish, this is for those who love to cover their bed with decorative pillows. It will make an excellent addition to your collection.


This cosy cream knit matches our winter wardrobe. So we will be rocking cable knot from day to night!


The cutest, we had to throw an animal one in right? This bunny is adorable.


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