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Earth Week, Omega-3 without the fish

Watching SeaSpiracy last month has given us a lot to think about. Some of our team decided to entirely cut fish from their diet, others said they would eat fish but only on a special occasion, others have put off watching this documentary for the time being due to it's harsh (but warranted) nature and they aren't quite ready yet to make a change. Check out the summary blog here by Dania.

Either way, The Lifestyle Guide want to promote products that encourage us to steer clear of unsustainable products and damaging our amazing planet.

So here we go, let's chat about Omega 3.

There is NO doubt that Omega-3 is essential for the human body. It has a long list of benefits

However, how we get this INTO our bodies is not seen as being sustainable so we are asking you to consider the switch to algae-based Omega 3 capsules.

There are many options on the market including Holland & Barratt, Bulk, Opti3 and our most recent favourite nothingfishy all shouting proud about their benefits but all with one amazing offering - they are all plant-based Omega-3. BRILLIANT!


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