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Dunnet Bay Distillers Recyclable Gin Pouches Launch!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Award-winning Dunnet Bay Distillers have been creating their premium Scottish Spirits since 2014, in the furthest northerly mainland brewery in Scotland. The spirits are created with traditional botanicals that are foraged and locally sourced from the nearby cliffs and forests which honour the Caithness landscapes. They are famously known for their award-winning Rock Rose Gin which is made from the ingredients found, such as the Rhodiola Rosea in which the gin gets its name from. Another proudly made spirit is the Holy Grass Vodka, infused with Highland apple vapour and sweet-scented Holy grass.

The beautifully handcrafted spirits come in equally as delightfully decorated ceramic bottles which are carefully hand-filled and hand waxed.

They look too good to be stored away in a cupboard.

We are most excited to shout about the amazing concept they came up with to ensure their customers were getting their much-loved spirits, but by being more friendly to the environment. The Distillers care and are aware of the importance of sustainability and wanted to do something about it so they thought long and hard for over a year to perfect their ideas. To limit their brand's consumption through production they needed to come up with something new and practical so they became the markets, first distillers, to provide a refillable and recyclable service to their fanbase.

The concept works so that the customer would purchase one of the beautiful ceramic bottles on their first order and from then on can order refills delivered straight to your door, saving significantly more energy on shipment and packaging. How does that work exactly? Well, the liquid goodness comes in a recyclable packet that is sent by mail allowing for an easy pour to top up your glass bottle which can be used for life. Once this is done, you pop the packet back in the post and it gets sent back to the distillery to be recycled. This is a Freepost service as they have a deal with Royal Mail so there is no stamp needed for the return. When this arrives back with them, they guarantee your packaging gets recycled into something new via the programme Terracycle. Not only is this much better for the environment it works more efficiently for your pocket too saving £4 per 700ml bottle.

Once you have tried their spirits it is likely you will become an avid fan of theirs. The good news is you can sign up to their ‘Refill Rewards Club’, where you can subscribe to receive top-ups either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly throughout the year. With this, you will receive not only the 700ml refill spirit pouch of your choice but tonic drinks as an accompaniment, a surprise gift and other exclusive benefits included. The great thing is that they allow you to be flexible and even encourage you to try all the varieties of their seasonal, signature and special edition drinks from their portfolio, which can be included in the subscription service for you to swap as you please.

The different subscriptions available include:

SuperFan (£30/ monthly)

Appreciators(£ 30/ bi-monthly)

Sipper (£30/quarterly)

Lucky Lifestyle Guide readers listen up! We are offering you the chance to win and try one of their award-winning gins in pouch form. We promise you’re gonna love it. Keep an eye on our Insta page for details!


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