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Doisy & Dam - Dark Chocolate Never Tasted So Good....

If we are being totally honest, dark chocolate isn't usually the thing that we reach for first when we are having a sugar slump or craving BUT after the lovely folks at Doisy & Dam sent us a fabulous box of goodies to try out for ourselves, we're not sure if the usual brands are going to ever come close again!

Their bright colours and bold branding certainly stands out but for us, the taste was just incredible. One of the (if not THE) best-tasting chocolate (not to mention dark chocolates) that we had ever tasted.

Give the gift of chocolate! THIS CHOCOLATE!

From sharing bundles to Easter Eggs, little & big bars to truffle balls they really do have something for everyone but if we had to choose just ONE, our absolute favourite, it would be the Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate & Almond Nuttercups!

Oh me oh my.....a little (Nutter)cup of heaven right there.....

There's more.....check out their website for the whole range but get buying their Easter Collection immediately now before it's just too late!

In short, a fun, boisterous brand with a HUGE delicious range to cater to everyone's favourite flavours plus with the sharing bundles you can try something a little different too.

AND the team at Doisy & Dam are SO super clever that if you can't decide what to choose as a gift, you can buy and send a gift card instead!

Now for the good stuff:

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