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Crafternoons With The Indytute

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

When it comes to finding things to do during lockdowns we have to admit it has been a struggle. We are so used to being out and about, meeting up with friends and going out for dinner and drinks. Our social life was put on hold for almost a year and we still have some time left before we are back to complete normality. With all this spare time, we have had the opportunity to try out some new projects and learn some new skills and we definitely couldn't have done it without the help of The Indytute. Usually, they provide us with the best experiences to do in London and are the ‘go-to’ place to look to find unusual ideas for birthdays and other celebrations. However, for lockdown, they adapted and instead brought us the best 'Stay-Home Experiences' and ideas to keep us entertained.

They have amazing DIY kits and workshops from recommended small independent businesses to do yourself or to be sent as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. The kits contain everything you need to create something incredible and provide a lot of fun too so there is no need to cancel the birthday plans when you can get your friends together on Zoom and take part in a ‘make and create’ activity. The range of crafts they have on offer is pretty exciting and therefore we wanted to show you what they have to offer and they also have delicious meal kits and cocktail shaking that you should check out too!

Check out these amazing activity ideas for a fun-filled crafternoon at home learning something new!


We have been seeing the Clay Club everywhere and they are a must-try! Taking you right back to your school art lessons, the kit contains all the tools you will need to make something unique. They have tutorials online with ideas to inspire you with how to create plant pots, bowls and tiles but it is completely up to you, get hands-on and see what you can come up with.


Love this! The bucket bag is the perfect size for your everyday needs. Get ready for all the compliments so you can brag about how you made it all by yourself. The leather used for your bag is sourced responsibly from materials that were on way to the landfill to be wasted but instead, you will give it a brand new purpose. The shape is easy to make and comes with a guide but the pattern design is completely up to you, however, we do love the leopard print.


Make your own lino cutting which you can reuse to make endless prints for your home and your friends, they would also make a lovely greetings card too. Keep it simple or make it abstract, in the end, the result looks really effective.


Don't throw away your broken china, you can give it a new sense of life with the Japanese art of Kintsugi. A beautiful way of saving those pieces to reuse again or to display as art in your home. Drawing attention to the cracks in the china symbolises fragility, strength and beauty. This kit comes with broken china already but once you have learnt your new skill you won't have to feel bad about having butter fingers ever again.


A peaceful way of spending the afternoon being mindful by creating a scenic piece of art for your wall which can remind you of hope every time you pass by. Reignite a love for landscape painting and enjoy the therapeutic art to bring some tranquillity to your day.


Take some time away from scrolling through your phone and keep your hands busy with macrame. Create a lovely plant hanger that will look lovely hung up in any room and once you have made just one you will want to make another. There are different styles and techniques to try to make your piece unique. Bring the boho-chic vibes to your home.


Goodbye to single-use plastic cling film and sandwich bags and make way for these cute beeswax wraps. They are a reusable way to store food and to keep things fresh, perfect for leftovers and lunches and how cute are they. This set allows you to create fun prints for your very own wax wraps, both a fun and practical craft to do.


The perfect relaxing skill to learn and it looks so beautiful, you won't want to type anything again. Learn the basics with this online tutorial and kit and your card writing and gifting will be revamped with your new talent.


Have any old scraps of wrapping paper or magazines lying around? Create some cute fairy lights with funky prints and patterns. Make each light unique or coordinate them in theme with your room. You could even draw and design your own.


Making the sustainable swap to plastic-free soap? Then why not learn how to make your own from scratch. A skill that you can use for the long term and you can switch it up each time with different ingredients and scents. You will learn how to create a marbling effect and different patterns with this fragrant fun activity.


These cute little ornaments are based on our favourite British birds. Create these elegant wire sculptures to perch around your home. The course is led by a bird enthusiast who will talk you through the process so you can enjoy the class and the end results even more.


Unable to make the decision if buying a gift for your loved one? You can purchase a gift card and let them decide instead of guaranteed joy!


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