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What do you know about the whole AR Experience?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Recently, Christmas time icons John Lewis launched their Augmented Reality Virtual Christmas Tree Service for you to try before you buy. We check it out and also highlight where else offers an AR shopping experience in your home.

John Lewis has brought the task of Christmas Tree Shopping to your living room with their new seamless AR feature on the app. For those of you who have had a festive faux pas in the past which has resulted in having to chop or bend the top of the tree, then this is for you. It’s easily done, you set your eyes on the biggest, widest tree you can find and you fall in love without thinking about the size of your room. With this feature, you can still buy a big tree but a more sensible one that will actually fit and look amazing in your front room. When browsing looks for the ‘View in Room’ option to bring to life your potential purchase without you having to use your imagination. You can choose from either decorated or undecorated and different shapes and size to give you a more accurate judgement on which is the perfect fit for you. It’s not just the trees that you can pop up in your own home, many of the items available on the JL & P app allow for you to view in your room including sofas, so no need to worry about making the right decision for your home. We think this is a brilliant idea to play around with and will be trying lots of different items for our home makeovers in future!

Download the John Lewis & Partners App here.


Decorate your rooms when you shop for Amazon Home items by tapping the camera icon on the app. This allows you to view the product virtually in your room to get an idea of sizing, style and space. Once you have found the perfect product you will be able to click buy with confidence knowing how it will look.


Nike was an early bird with the augmented reality feature and has been experimenting ever since. The Nike Fit app gives you an accurate sizing dependent on shoe style, which is based on measurements of your feet, allowing for an easier online shopping experience. Adidas and Puma have also followed suit with their own AR features worth checking out too.


The Point & Place feature at Currys PC World allows you to view products in your own home through augmented reality via the app. Try a multitude of different tech items from TVs to Microwaves and you can even try smaller items such as beard trimmers too.


To help you choose the right furniture, the Wayfair app allows you to visualise products in augmented reality using the ‘View in Room 3D’ options. Not just items that are placed on the floor, the service can understand walls and ceiling for you to try a range of different products for fitting.


The IKEA Place tool can be used to inspire users with true-to-scale 3D models of furniture and more for you to experience. It can be hard to imagine what something will look like when it arrives in flat-pack so this gives you belief in your decision making.


The feature allows customers to see many of their items tried on different models to get an idea by digitally mapping the garment onto the model. This year saw an extension of this with their 'See My Fit' option where you can try on different body types from 4 - 18 to get a more accurate representation and expectation of what the clothes will look like on you.


Not officially an AR experience, however, top gallery the Tate, has an online gift shop where you can buy prints of your favourite pieces and to make sure this works for your room and colour schemes you can try it on their generic room images which you can amend the style and colour to best match your own and get an accurate idea of sizing.


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