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Christmas Traditions

Here in the UK, there are lots of traditions that families partake in annually when the festive season comes around. Be it a ridiculous sporting event such as the Christmas Day Swim or a fun-loving activity such as the Panto. There are a few bizarrely strange ones across the globe to such as Bad Santa in Austria where they dress up rather terrifyingly as 'Krampus' and ghoulishly stalk the streets for badly-behaved children, that's one way to do it. Or we particularly like the pickle in Germany, which you had to hide in the tree and whichever child finds it gets given a gift (we really do hope they find it). British traditions are nowhere near as quirky we still have traditions that we have to tick off each year so it really feels like Christmas.

Here are some we know and love!

Do you have any Christmas traditions in your family?


Christmas Day or Boxing Day Swim

Many people dress up for the occasion to spend their morning rather swiftly popping in and out of the sea. Instead of waking the kids up with the expected stocking at the end of their beds (they get so many presents already!), why not wake the family up early to enjoy a freezing cold swim.


Santa Run

If you see a thousand Santas running past this December, you’re not seeing things, they're likely taking part in a Santa fun run so give them a cheer. Participants all dress up in red and white and get running for charity. See where you can get involved at Santa Dash.


The Panto

A classic Xmas activity, the panto comes in all different variations of stories such as Aladdin, Cinderella and Jack & The Beanstalk! Many theatres have now opened their doors for an evening of socially distanced fun or alternatively, there are streaming options available too, check out our amazing list of pantos on this year.


Ice Skating

Ice Skating pop-ups are everywhere in December and this tradition if great for all the family. What could be more entertaining than watching people fall over for an hour, it is very amusing until you are said person. Some of our favourites can be found on the blog here.


Gingerbread House Making

They never turn out as good as they are supposed to, but the fun is all in the trying right? Create your own gingerbread palace to destroy straight away after. You can buy yours for your very own attempt here, tag us in your photos on Instagram!



The best for getting in the festive spirit. Put on some Buble and make a day of it, decorating the whole house from top to bottom. It’s never too much at Christmas when it comes to decor, the more the merrier. This year we have been given the exception and have been allowed to be jolly a lot earlier than usual. Deck the Halls!


Charity Donations

There are plenty of charities in need of donations especially at Christmas, sign up online and receive a letter in the post for you to send off your donation. Some remarkable charities worth looking into include Crisis at Christmas, the Salvation Army and the Kids Out Giving Tree to name a few. If you are able to spare some money this year then they will be truly grateful.


Elf on the Shelf

The more friendly version of Austria's Krampus. Elf on a Shelf is usually a way of encouraging good behaviour before Christmas and it works! It's a very popular idea although maybe starting again next year as 2020 has promised no ones on the naughty list.


Christmas Lights

Take a drive or stroll around the neighbourhood to spot all the Christmas lights, again they are all up a lot earlier this year and there are some spectacular houses showcasing lights this year. It is a lovely tradition to explore the neighbourhood and lift Christmas spirits.


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