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Chocolate With a Wild Side, The Lifestyle Guide LOVES Seed & Bean

100% Organic - TICK!

Sourced from small-scale trustworthy suppliers - TICK

Handmade in England - TICK

Zero Waste - TICK

Seed & Bean began with a goal of making an ethical confectionary range starting with a chocolate-covered snack. Since then they have expanded and evolved further into making glorious handmade artisan chocolate bars.

Production is done on a smaller scale producing only 45-litre sized batches in comparison to industrially mass-produced competitors. As well as ethical production, they take measurements towards being FairTrade and pride themselves on being a zero-waste company. Not only do they make sustainable chocolate but they are also conscious of packaging too, using alternative zero-plastic and 100% compostable materials for their wrapping and parcels.

The Lifestyle Guide is all about sustainability and we love that Seed & Bean tick all the boxes, making them our ‘go-to’ guilt-free snack supplier.

Have we told you about their wild side?

Daring & bold take on flavours

Their eclectic mix of chocolate bars come in 18 different flavours which are inspired by English Botanical Gardens, which can be reflected in both the taste and design. They create adventurous combinations that all taste twistedly delicious with so many new and unique blends to experience and even some flavours we have never seen put together before.

Now WE LOVE the Sea Salt & Lime Milk Chocolate...oh and the Coconut & Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Lemon & Poppy Seed White Chocolate - its a tough job deciding!

Their range is the perfect present, extra special, well thought out ideas include bundles, hampers and gift sets, personally put together with complimenting flavours and themes and of course beautifully packaged. The different categories of combinations available for gifting, range from collections such as Botanical, Wild, Vegan and Nutty plus so much more depending on you or your loved one's personal preferences and with Christmas on the way you will definitely find something special from Seed & Bean.


Subscription boxes - save up to 18% on the full price!

This year has seen opportunity grow for Seed & Bean and the launch of their Chocolate Subscription box began, just when we all needed a bit of a boost and a reminder to enjoy the finer things in life, like chocolate. Saving up to 18% off from the full price products and gaining 100% in satisfaction and smiles. Whether you treat yourself or want to help lift a loved one's spirits, you can do so without the difficulty of knowing what to put in or making sure someone is home for delivery. They have carefully thought out a hassle-free and convenient process where items are put together personally by their team and the box fits perfectly through the letterbox. Overall they offer a smooth experience delivering their even smoother tasting chocolates.



Lifestyle Guide readers, you're in for a treat listen up! The lovely Seed & Bean will be giving away a luxury hamper to one lucky winner. Check out the insta comp running until Sunday 13th December!


20% off using LIFESTYLEGUIDE on this link to claim when you are ready to checkout.

This is not valid on any discounted products, or in conjunction with any other discount.

Valid until midnight on 31st Dec 2020 and only valid on their website.

Follow Seed & Bean on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest wild flavour combos and more.


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