• Sophia Webber

Champagne Carbon, The Perfect Bottle for All Occasions

We had the amazing opportunity to speak with Rohan James, the Sales Director and UK Ambassador for Champagne Carbon, and we're excited to share exactly why this Champagne house is so special!

Where it all began...

Created and founded by Alexandre Méa the brand was conceived in 2011. He is the 5th heir to the Méa-Devavry family who has been winegrowing and producing champagne for almost a century. Establishing the perfect union of tradition and modernity, Champagne Carbon is a pioneer Champagne house. Striving to promote the excellence of French craftsmanship, each bottle from the Attraction Series is handcrafted and goes through a 38 step process to create the carbon fibre exterior stands as the signature of the house.

Philippe Jamesse, former head sommelier of 2 Michelin starred restaurant le Domaine des Crayères curated the tasting notes at the inception of the brand. According to him the carbon that covers the bottles merges with the carbon dioxide of the champagne bubbles, creates an interaction which nourishes and sharpens the wine. This particular alchemy is the essence of Champagne Carbon, their DNA.


Signature Carbon Brut

For a first time buyer, or you’re looking to choose your champagne for December festivities, this is Rohan’s suggestion is to start with, which was the first Cuvée to be conceived by the House.

Tasting Notes: Bright with a beautiful gold-tinted and concentrated.

Grape blend: 50% de Chardonnay; 25% Pinot Noir; 25% Pinot Meunier.

This Champagne is an artistic performance.

Champagne Carbon Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2012

Tasting notes: The shine is transparent on a clear and bright gold.

Grape blend: 100% Chardonnay

This vintage Grand Cru immediately catches the eye

Pink or Dark Collection

Champagne Carbon Rosé Pink or Champagne Carbon Rosé Dark

Distinctive characteristic: Its tangy spring freshness.

Grape blend: 56% Chardonnay; 23% Pinot Noir; 21% Pinot Meunier.

A bright salmon pink ensures that this champagne stands out.

For Bugatti

Champagne Carbon Bugatti EB.01

Tasting notes: Tinted, tiled dress, old gold.

Grape blend: 90% Chardonnay, 10