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Best Halloween Activities to do with Kids

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Keeping the kids entertained with new ideas takes a lot of thought and energy. Fear not, we are here with some suggestions of how to keep them busy over the Halloween period. With half term in the lead up to the big day too, we have ideas that will allow your kids to get creative with baking and making!

Of course, we know you will want to get involved too so there are activities that everyone can take part in. From fun days out to evenings in check out our recommendations of what to get up to this Halloween.


Decoration Making

Dig into the recycling bin and get creative! Turn your toilet roll tubes into scary bats and old jam jars into freaky lanterns. Decorate the whole house inside and out with your creepy creations.

Alternatively, if likes some of us, you aren't much of a crafter! Partyrama have some fantastic ready made decorations that you can just pop up and enjoy!


Pumpkin Picking

Get there early on in the month to bag the biggest and best of the bunch or even look for the mismatch ones that are green and with defects who already look pretty gruesome. Plus the fields make for a super cute insta pic!


Trick or Treat

The classic thing to do, we are not sure how many doors will welcome you after Covid but rest assured it will be a great opportunity to wear a different sort of mask for a change (the scary kind). Look out for the decorated houses that will most likely be happy to be involved.


Movie Night

Dress up, turn off the lights and give everyone their own torch to create some atmosphere. Cosy up with a spooky classic animation and clutch on to the person next to you.


Scavenger Hunt

A themed treasure hunt around the house or in the garden with spooky prizes to be won.

Hide some of your homemade decorations, baking creations or sweets to be found and include clues of where to find them.

Children (and adults) of all ages can join in the fun!


Day at the Museum

There can be plenty of creepy things in a museum.

Come up with a list beforehand of things to find once your there or riddles to work out and make your day out an interactive and fun game. Phhist..... remember don’t stay there too late as the artefacts come to life.



Make sure you have red and green food colouring at the ready for these ghostly treats that are almost look too gross to eat. Do a spin on a standard cupcakes with some gummy worms crawling out or bake some biscuits for an afternoon of spider decorating.

Look out for our blog on Halloween cooking with the kids!


Halloween Party

Organise a fun little get together (staying within the guidelines). Heard of apple bobbing? Let’s show the kids how it's done with this classic among other themed party games.


If the kids are a bit older take them to the home of Halloween at ‘The Dungeons’.

Follow historic figures through the darkness as they tell you the gruesome stories of the UK’s horrible past. Find your nearest one in London, Edinburgh, Blackpool, York, Alton Towers and Warwick Castle.

Tip: Book online in advance and save 20%


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