• danialindop

Best Halloween Activities to do with Kids

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Keeping the kids entertained with new ideas takes a lot of thought and energy. Fear not, we are here with some suggestions of how to keep them busy over the Halloween period. With half term in the lead up to the big day too, we have ideas that will allow your kids to get creative with baking and making!

Of course, we know you will want to get involved too so there are activities that everyone can take part in. From fun days out to evenings in check out our recommendations of what to get up to this Halloween.

Decoration Making

Dig into the recycling bin and get creative! Turn your toilet roll tubes into scary bats and old jam jars into freaky lanterns. Decorate the whole house inside and out with your creepy creations.

Here's a fabulous list of "How to's" by HowToLookPretty.Com

Alternatively, if likes some of us, you aren't much of a crafter! Partyrama have some fantastic ready made decorations that you can just pop up and enjoy!

Pumpkin Picking

Get there early on in the month to bag the biggest and best of the bunch or even look for the mismatch ones that are green and with defects who already look pretty gruesome. Plus the fields make for a super cute insta pic!

Trick or Treat

The classic thing to do, we are not sure how many doors will welcome you after Covid but rest assured it will be a great opportunity to wear a different sort of mask for a change (the scary kind). Look out for the decorated houses that will most likely be happy to be involved.

Movie Night